Men’s Physique Athlete and Transformation Coach: Shakil Ahmed

I didn’t follow any pattern and same path as others do. I believe in changing the trend!

Men’s Physique Athlete and Transformation Coach: Shakil Ahmed

I am Shakil Ahmed, a 29-year-old from Banglore. I am Men’s Physique Athletes and Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist. It has been 15 years into fitness industry.

I belong to a middle class family where most of the people earn till their 50s then get retired. But I did not follow the same rule others do. I believe in change the trend.

I have faced multiple hurdles and hardships but it is my dedication and desire to be a better version of myself that has motivated me to pursue this sport.

I am founder of Tone Garage Transformation it is one of the best body transformation studio in Bangalore.

Most of the athletes faced the problem of maintaining the diet and workout session because of professional life or busy schedule. But if the bodybuilding is your ultimate aim then no one can stop you from achieving your aim and maintaining a proper diet.

Apart from the above struggles, at the initial stage of bodybuilding I was not able to manage my day tasks and training but my passion definitely took me beyond my limits and I had set out to become a Physique Athlete.

Discipline and time management is very important part of any sport because if you are not punctual, you cannot bring out the best version of yourself. So I always follow the rules that allow me to manage my time.

Always remember you will have choice in life and it is the choice that makes us who we are, so make your choice wisely.


  • Mr Bangalore Men’s Physique 2016
  • IBFF Mr South in Men’s Physique 2016
  • Bodypower India Fitfactor Top 4Mumbai 2016
  • Boss Classic Fitness Model 2018
  • Most Motivated Fitness Employee Award at Delhi Campus

I work out five days in a week; I divided my workout routine in a specific part on a specific day, it as follow:

Monday : Legs

Tuesday : Chest biceps

Wednesday : Back and triceps

Thursday : Shoulders and lower back

Friday : Again I repeat the same

Diet is always depends on your goal. My diet is as normal as other athletes have. I target estimate calories for my bulk is 3250 calories. I am in offseason; I am bulking so my diet consists of:

  • Protein about 170 G (Chicken, Fish, Red Meat)
  • Carbohydrate 500 G
  • Fat 75 G

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