Megha Pritmani’s Journey to a Fit-Life, Fighting off PCOD

This story is such an inspiration for those who think it’s impossible to lose weight that is gained in PCOS. Yes! You can stay fit while handling such health problems.

Megha  Pritmani’s  Journey  to  a  Fit-Life,  Fighting  off  PCOD

How difficult it can be for a young girl in her twenties to have gained weight, disproportionately, killing her immune system? Yes, it can be gruesome for her physical and mental health. But it is even more difficult if the girl is suffering from PCOD that is Polyscystic Ovarian Disease. This hormonal disorder found in women has no permanent cure and the sufferer has to be on permanent medication as prescribed by the endocrinologist and other related medical specialists. This condition triggers weight gain in the body of the patient. came across such a transformation which can inspire many girls out there who think it is not possible to succeed and get into the shape you desire the most, stay fit while handling all the health problems, some of them are even unavoidable. The key is to manage it well with discipline and determination.

Megha Pritmani is a 23- year-old girl from Mumbai who happens to be an MBA in Finance. Her lifestyle was pathetic because she used to eat just anything and everything without caring and realizing the toxic effect of this on her health and life. People used to make fun of her and laugh at her. She was diagnosed with PCOD and she found that the biggest challenge which was obstructing her way to a good life was her weight because of this hormonal disorder. Nevertheless, she decided not to give it up and started with regular workouts and training. It took her 6 years to gain the form in which she is today, fit, in shape and healthy!

PCOD made her weight stuck at one place at many times but she didn’t bother and continued with her exercise and diet schedule for a healthy lifestyle. The change was slower than what it would have been for a normal person but the change finally showed up, gaining her self confidence and everything she has been wishing to enjoy life till now.

Her basic workout includes a mix of weight training and cardio every day. She hasn’t assigned specific days to classify her workout just that she does them regularly, resting on Sundays.

She eats balanced meal and includes beneficial proteins and carbs in her diet. She now understands what is good and healthy for her body.

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