Meet Indian Rugby Warriors

Indian women’s rugby team was under an unknown shell until reached out to them. The ace rugby player Namita Bhoj trains with her squad and reveals how they train hard, what is their fitness routine and what kind of diet they follow to keep up their stamina for this demanding sport.

Captain Namita Bhoj Trains with Her Squad

How many of you knew that India has a national Women's Rugby Team? had a candid talk session with Vice Captain of Indian Rugby team and Captain of Delhi Hurricanes Team. Namita states that she played for Delhi Hurricanes on National level and then was selected in the national team to go for matches representing India abroad. Recently, they went for their debut match in Singapore.

Rugby is not popular in India and we don’t find people cheering for these players sitting in front of the television. These women are robust, inspiring and have a rare quality to play for just the passion for the game they have got and there is hardly anything more which they are getting out of playing this sport. It is Captain Namita Bhoj’s passion which drove her towards this sport. She used to play Kabaddi before joining Delhi Hurricanes. She was encouraged to take up Rugby as a sport by her seniors who thought that she has all the good qualities to be a good Rugby player. Namita also talks about how they train daily for strength and speed in the game and how they practice at least thrice a week. For their practice they even rent the ground as they haven’t got any field for Rugby yet.

The video reveals the sporty lifestyle, diet, passion and intensive practice sessions of these players. The players in the video are a mix of national and international team players; all were practicing together for honing up their expertise in the game. It is time to cheer for these strong, sporty girls who are all geared up to do the nation proud!

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