Meet Indian Hockey Super Women

The Indian women’s hockey team was preparing for the international games when met them. They bring pride to the national game with their focused approach. The Captain and Vice Captain talked to us and shared their stories in the video coverage. met Indian Women Hockey Team in Bangalore. Watch how they practice, the tough routine and challenges they have overcome and how they are zealous enough to leave a mark in this sport. They are training extensively for Test Matches coming up in January. These matches will be qualifying base for Olympics later.

The interview with Rani Rampal, Captain and Savita, Vice Captain and Goalkeeper of Indian Women Hockey Team, reveal that they are confidence and geared up with good fitness quotient for the coming up challenges in the sport. They are grateful towards their families, their coach, Hockey India and SAI for extending support to them. Both of our superwomen gave message to the young generation to stay away from any activity which takes them away from their goals, especially, drugs and addiction, which is ultimately a waste of life. You can do many things in life and enjoy the fruits of if to the fullest if you are disciplined, determined and focused in your approach towards your dreams. 

These sports women practice hard and play hockey with passion against all odds and they deserve a round of cheer from whole of the nation. along with the nation wishes all the best to our hockey girls!

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