Meet 45 yrs Old Mother of Two, Bodybuilding Athlete Radhika Sood

Radhika Sood is 45-year-old competing athlete! Yes, she is a housewife, a business hand for her husband and a complete homemaker who turned into a bodybuilding athlete out of passion after 40. Read her story in her words!

Meet 45 yrs Old Mother of Two, Bodybuilding Athlete Radhika Sood

I am Radhika Sood from the beautiful state of Himachal. Four years back, I used to be a 41-year-old housewife who used to help her husband in our business, a daughter-in-law who took care of home, a mother who took care of her YouTuber son and a daughter who is a scholar. I joined Gym and started working out because I was overweight at 65kg. I wished to fitter and healthier.

After fat reduction, my body was out of shape so I started muscle training and in this process, I suddenly realized that my passion for bodybuilding. Hence, when my body got toned, I started my journey with State Level Himalaya Cup 2018 where I scored 2nd position in Ms Himachal. It boosted my confidence so much so that I joined Team 101 Hardcore and after their hardcore training, I was ready.

First, I participated in Boss Classic 2019 in Mumbai then Avon Cup 2019 in Ludhiana and after that I did IBFF India 2019 Delhi where I won 1st position then NBBUI Ms Asia 2019 in Delhi, where I won 2nd position and then in WBBF India 2019 in Delhi, scoring 1st position. IBFF India also selected me for World Cup Body Building Championship in Lithuania (Europe). I am very happy with my journey, from where it started and now, where it has reached!

It was a very hard and demanding journey where I had to prepare my body for back to back 5 competitions. I was without carb, without water and had cut down on salt intake too. These few months were very difficult for me but I am always thankful to those fitness community people who supported me all through it and gave me social acceptance because social acceptance is the most challenging phase in this sport for some people like me. It gave me more confidence to move further.

There are two types of gym-goers, first one goes there as part of their lifestyle and the other one go there to prepare themselves for competitions and maintain an athlete’s physique and figure like I do. But in both goals are the same that's to be fit and healthy. It means little muscle-gain, low fat % and strength gain. This sport is hardly acceptable for our society, especially, for women who come from small cities.

Yes, I am from Himachal Pradesh, I am a woman and I am 45-year-old but I am always proud of my achievements and I love this sport. I will do so whole of my life and will try to give my best to it because ‘Once an Athlete, Always an Athlete’! I am again ready to compete on National and International Stage representing India.

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