Mechanical Engineer Becomes A Fitness Trainer - Vaishnavi's Story

Vaishnavi Bhupesh Sangani transformed herself in about 2 years. Although she studied to be a mechanical engineer, as she gained knowledge and certifications in fitness, she ended up being a Fitness Trainer. Read about her in her own words.

Mechanical Engineer Becomes A Fitness Trainer - Vaishnavi's Story

I am Vaishnavi Bhupesh Sangani – Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, certified from one of India’s leading fitness academies – K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences. Apart from this, I am also a Mechanical Engineer from MIT Pune. This is my story.

I was always the fat chubby kid since school with everyone always calling me ‘motu’. I really didn't think about fitness then,even though I was lethargic.

But then,I decided that why can't I also be more active and fit?And that was the turning point of my life. I decided to work out. I started seeing positive changes in myself.I began to feel good.I love to challenge myself in whatever I do,so I started training even more.

But even after one and a half year,I didn't get satisfactory results. So,I read and researched more about fitness and did courses to gain proper knowledge.I concluded that diet and working out go hand in hand,they are not separate.

With proper knowledge,I started following proper nutrition along with working out and finally, got the results I wanted within 6 months only.This transformation proved to be my biggest motivator which made me passionate about gymming. My interest inclined towards making a life and career in fitness. Hence, I ended up doing a Master Trainer course in Delhi.

Hardwork, dedication and consistency of efforts made me achieve my goals. I love to help people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. I wish to educate as many people as possible about right dieting or eating and right way to workout. There are several misunderstandings and myths about diet which have come a long way into the system, I would like to clear that in the minds of people in future too.

I specialize in fat-loss, muscle gain, supplementation, strength training, cardio regulations, functional training and fitness testing. While I am helping others, I am simultaneously learning even more and growing my knowledge since learning is a never ending process.

This is how my own wish to improve my fitness and health quotient, lead me to a world of essential, helpful and professional knowledge of fitness. From trial and hit, I rose to the level of being confident and knowledgeable. It has now become a part of my lifestyle which I wish to share with the world now.

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