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Md. Azmat’s Deadlift – The Super Technique

This video will make you dead-sure about your deadlift whether it is the technique, performance or advantages. Yes, there are types of deadlifts and powerlifting as a sport has more health benefits than you ever thought!

Md. Azmat begins with his unique introduction as a Business School Graduate. He explains that  according to the popular belief, all the bodybuilders and athletes are into lifting only and they do nothing else. So there has to be a particular segment who can make them explain that actually most of the bodybuilders and athletes are balancing the life on multiple fronts. He further says that he is a business school graduate with about 18 years of IT program management experience, he work for EXE and handles program  management as his day job right now and besides that he is a competitive Power Lifter.

Azmat moves on to show his super deadlift technique. He informs that the rest periods for a power lifter are very different from bodybuilders and the reason being that it is not the cardio vascular endurance alone which you have to work on but to move a lot of weight as the power lifter moves, a central nervous system recovery must take place in between. CNS doesn’t recover within 5 minutes, it takes at least 5 to 10 minutes recovery time.

He then prepares for his deadlift. Standing in a position where he can generate most power with his legs apart to shoulder width, he hinged at the hips to lower himself. Without keeping his grip too close, he keeps his arms closer to his shins. Optimal starting position can be with your shins perpendicular to the ground and your shoulder blades over the bar. You have to make sure that you pull the bar up in a straight line with maximum force. Azmat takes a deep breath, bracing the abdominal wall which is important for protecting your spine and instill the needed force . Then he pulls himself up, lifting the weight, initiating a movement that engages his lats pulling the bar towards himself more to ensure a straight aligned lift. Tip is to squeeze your glutes and push the floor away as you perform a leg press. Locking out, you have to stand straight, keeping your lower back as firm as a rock. Now, let your glutes relax and let it move your body downwards with moderate movement, keeping the bar back on the ground. Neither drop the weight too quickly nor bring it down too slowly to avoid injury.

Beginners must start with light weights and then move on to heavier ones slowly as they get comfortable with the existing weights. Azmat did Romanian deadlift to strengthen his glutes, hamstrings and push up spinal endurance, he also says that it is important to save your spine while doing so. Romanian deadlifts are bread and butter if you are looking for hypertrophy on your back that is bulging the size of your spinal erectus and middle back etc. He started with Romanian deadlifts by lowering the barbell closer to the ground but didn’t touch it, coming back up from there. It is better to use lighter weights to do it. He informed that he did 4 sets of 9 reps each deadlift which was the volume for that week and will be doing different weights but relatively the same volume for the next week. 

Azmat lets the audience know that what it takes to be a powerlifter and how they have developed mutual respect for each other bound by the amount of hard work it takes to be one. Day in and day out, week in and week out, you get stronger and go through the unstoppable grind to grow and maintain. You can follow Azmat on his FB and Instagram IDs to get more updates from him. 

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Mohammed Azmathulla

He is an Indian powerlifting athlete and represented India in Asian and World Championships. Being MBA by profession with Over 18 years’ experience in managing Enterprise .. Read More..


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    S Shrinivas

    Respected Mohammed Azmat Sir, Greeting of the day & Salam Alaikum !! I would like to know,where are you located,what is your Gym's address,contact nos ? My name is S Shrinivas am a Retired Fellow,61 years old & would LOVE to learn Powerlifting from a Great Teacher like you,as till date I have never done any Weightlifting/Powerlifting.I am 5.5'"tall,64 kgs with 22 as my BMI & I think I am FIT,though a little bit Obese & NOT having Great Abs . Want to learn Powerlifting,Slowly,Steadily so that I will not have any Injuries at this age. Please reply with all relevant details like your Contact Address,phone nos & e mail id please,enabling to meet you in Person,with a prior intimation from my side & oblige.Regards & Allah Hafiz!! Shrinivas

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