Mayank Raghav: 3 Times Mr. India's Secret to Success!

This athlete coverage reflects the importance of sacrificing small comforts to work hard with determination towards your dream. Mayank shares his achievements, full-workout routine and diet with you here.

I am Mayank Raghav from Delhi. I am a national bodybuilder and a fitness trainer. My journey began in 2013. My age is 26 years old. As many of us who aspire to become a bodybuilder, I also went through intensive training and strict goal oriented diet schedule.

Discipline and determination kept me going for my dreams. As such I faced no big or drastic challenges in between my journey but I think to keep the pace and zeal alive throughout and to keep laboring hard in this field is in itself is a big challenge. Being consistent and not giving up because of changing circumstances in life is in itself a challenge and everyone who have achieved something in life can relate to it.

Initially, it was very difficult for me to manage my time but as the time passed by, I learnt to overcome all ups and downs by sacrificing my comforts and pushing myself to perform. This quote increased my drive – ‘I sold my happiness to achieve my dreams.’

Here, I am sharing with you my achievements, my basic diet and my full-workout plan.


  1. India (3 times)
  2. NPC Shawn Ray Classic (title)
  3. Delhi (6 times)
  4. Fitex (2015)

Basic Diet

  1. Early Morning: Wheat grass juice/ Apple cider vineger/ Aloevera juice (Empty stomach)
  2. Breakfast: Oats with dryfruits + 5 egg whites.
  3. Pre lunch: Coconut water + vegetable sandwich.
  4. Lunch: 300g chicken + rice+ vegetable salad
  5. Evening: 5 egg whites salad
  6. Dinner: 300g fish salad.

Basic Workout Plan

Monday: Chest

  1. Flat Dumbbell Press
  2. Flat Bench Press
  3. Butterfly
  4. Inclined Rod Bench Press
  5. Decline Rod Bench Press

Tuesday: Back

  1. Close Grip Pully.
  2. Lat Pull Down
  3. Seated Rowing
  4. Single Arm Dumbell Row
  5. Bentover Row
  6. Deadlift

Wednesday: Biceps/ Triceps

  1. Rod curl + Pully Push Down
  2. Alternate Dumbbell Curl+ Overhead Pully
  3. Preacture Curl + Dumbbell Kick Back
  4. Concentration Curl + Single Arm Dumbbell

Thursday: Shoulder

  1. Dumbbell Press
  2. Front Rod Press
  3. Side Laterals
  4. Reverse Fly
  5. Behind Dumbbell Press
  6. Shrugs

Friday: Legs

  1. Free Squats
  2. Extension Curl
  3. Weighted Squat
  4. Leg Press
  5. Leg Curl
  6. Sumo Squats
  7. Calf Raise

Saturday: Cardio / Abs and Lats


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