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Matin Shaikh: Fitness is Not A Complicated Routine

A Good Personal Trainer, Episode – 2 features Matin Shaikh, a very popular online fitness trainer with over 1100 clients till now. He shares his journey and his passion for training people and guiding them in the right direction to embrace fitness as a simple habit and not as a complicated routine. Watch the video to know how he does that.

Matin Shaikh is a software engineer and also a personal trainer. He has to juggle between jobs but he makes it a point that he gives his best to every role he does. He is passionate about training people because it is mode of contentment at service for him. He feels the joy of making people’s life easier, healthier and manageable by guiding them in the right direction towards attaining their respective fitness goals.

Matin has a profound approach towards fitness as a lifestyle. He says that many people take it as something for which they have to put extra efforts, something which is very complicated and can’t be taken care of easily. That is why most of the people keep neglecting their fitness to the verge of getting affected with lifestyle diseases. Here, coaches like him help in cutting the ice.

Matin tells his clients that when one doesn’t have to think before brushing their teeth in the morning just out of habit for their external hygiene, fitness is about their internal hygiene and health to keep their system strong and clean warding off lifestyle diseases. It is even more important how you feel inside and hence, it should be taken as a habit and essential. It is not something which you have to do occasionally only for losing weight, gaining weight or gaining muscles. Looks are complimentary reward of leading a healthy and fit life. You don’t do it for looks, instead for improving your health and quality of life as a whole. Form a good habit, and sustain it.

Matintakes the same stand when it comes to healthy nutrition, people leading a fit lifestyle must sort to sustainable ways of having good nutrition instead of overtly priced foods or foods having a limited availability in the proximity. One must find out ways to cut a clean diet without making it a fad or copying someone else’s diet. Diet should always be customized according to your own body type and your own living circumstances. All this requires a little effort only to come into a habit. Once a habit is formed then the process seems simple and not complicated in any way at all.

Matin started transforming 7 years back from a thin body type to a muscled man. He was impressed by the trainers who used to help people out with their workouts and diets. He wanted to do something of this kind in future and started searching for courses which matched his timeline. Unfortunately, for about 3-4 more years, he couldn’t pursue a certification course. After waiting for a few years, he eventually managed to get himself certified and became a personal trainer. He did his job out of passion and showing a simple direction to the people training under him. He mentioned 2 of his 1100 clients, who were extremely dedicated and would listen to every instruction he gave or advice he provided. One of them was Ganesh Sahu who came to him for making his abs and kind of show off a good chiseled body after transformation.

He already knew a little about fitness and it was initially difficult for him to unlearn and relearn a new method but over a period of time, as his body started showing results, Ganesh pushed himself further and started participating in natural bodybuilding competitions to keep the beat up with his fitness! Another client was Namrata who came him after losing a lot of weight already. This was difficult stage to cross because one last tyre of fat has to be thrown off her body and muscles had to be worked upon. Matin said that when you are obese, it is easy to shed off a few kilos but as you lose weight, last few steps are a difficult phase but Namrata succeeded with determination. In the video, his client is seen sharing her story and thanking her mentor. Watch full video to benefit from Matin Shaikh’s inspiring story!

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