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Marketing Hacks For Fitness Professionals

You are fitness professional and your passion is helping people in leading a fit life. But why are you there on social media? Does social media following really help you market yourself? How can you accentuate your reach and be really seen, get a genuine following along with clients? These hacks will help you!

Marketing Hacks For Fitness Professionals

The type of generation that is leading is called the ‘Social Media Generation’ where everything is available through social media, whether it’s a product you want to sell or a service that you are offering social media platform can certainly make people aware of the kind of product or service you are selling. As a fitness professional, you need to let the people know that you exist in order to offer your services as a fitness professional and with the help of social media people genuinely get to know who you are and what are your areas of expertise are.

1. The first thing you need to do make people aware that you are a certified fitness professional is to upload pictures or posts regarding fitness, so that they know ‘oh this person is into fitness’. Then later you can start introducing facts that you as a fitness professional have learned through your learning or attaining certification in same. Why is it necessary to stay on social media? Or why is it necessary to post at least 2 to 3 posts per day? When we read social media graphs and information out of 100% only 15% people see your posts and if you want to increase that eventually you will have to post more to reach more people.

2. Secondly, you need to start using emails and campaigns to run emails which has been made easy by various platforms one of them being mailchimp. Why email? Why is it necessary right? If you have never used the email marketing before it is about time you do it, reasons? I’ll tell you! You trained a client a year ago, you cannot just directly go to them and say hi let’s train again, now that would be awkward right? But if you sent out an email saying ‘Avail black Friday discount or Get free nutrition consultation free’ this client is likely to reach you without making anything awkward.

3. Thirdly, choose your posts headlines very carefully because as it does the magic for you after all. During festive seasons everyone gets busy in their routine where workout isn’t a talk they would want to talk because their hands are already full but getting them back to train with you is also hard as once we get busy during holidays we tend to get lazy after them. Leading with a headline like ‘Ate too much sweets during the festive season?’ or ‘Learn how to burn those sweet calories with me’ can make a very big difference. I mean who would you go for right?

4. Fourthly, Look for groups! Yes, you heard it right! Why? Obviously because when you investigate area’s where in groups people share about their fitness journey it is easy to sell your services. Look into Facebook groups, investigate Instagram messages groups where it is all about fitness and you will surely find a few clients wanting to hire a personal trainer or looking for a detailed diet plan.

5. Fifth and the last point is to appreciate and post about the success stories of your clients because when you show results, you eventually make people follow you or reach you with their fitness goal. Make posts attractive with the headlines, surprises and winners. How do we do that? Run a fitness challenge among your clients, whoever gets to their desired fitness through your training reward them and that will eventually help you in achieving more clients.

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