Manoj Patil Gives On-Stage Motivation With His Best Poses

Posing is the main thing that you should know to win the title. If you don’t know how to pose there’s a little chance to do well in the field of bodybuilding.

Manoj Patil Gives On-Stage Motivation With His Best Poses

Posing on stage is an art and takes loads of effort to set it right in front of the judges when it comes to bodybuilding. It is obvious for the competitor to give utmost importance to posing as it is mandatory step through which one’s physique is judged. If a competitive bodybuilder does not know how to properly pose then he has very little chances of doing good in bodybuilding. Apart from the contestants, there are many benefits of practicing bodybuilding posing even if you do not plan to get on the stage. Posing has several other advantages also, like better connection between the mind and muscle since posing requires you to be in total control of your body. There is no other way you can control your muscles better than practicing posing. If you do so, it eases your training at the gym too as your muscles get more stimulated, responding to the workouts more. It is helps your heart health and blood circulation too as you hold the muscles in contracted position for a long time. Muscles become stronger and harder with posing.  It helps you track your growth and gains over the period of time.

Manoj Patil brings you his best poses and lets you know how he flexes his muscles on stage like pro for you. You can now follow his picks from the several stage poses. These are the most common, basic and effective ones. You can practice posing once or twice a week on days off from the gym, performing each of them simply once or twice, and holding each one for at least 30 seconds. This will make a kind of workout for you too! For the competitors, posing every day for at least 10 weeks prior to the show is very important. The contestant should build up to doing 3 sets of each pose for at least a minute at a time. This practice is crucial for building up the endurance essential for withstanding the hardest of judgments on stage at a bodybuilding event.

Front Double Biceps

There are two ways to do this pose, with a stomach vacuum or with your abs flexed and crunched. It is not uncommon for some bodybuilders to do both in one pose. The vacuum method allows for broader shoulder base and lat spread, while the abdominal crunch method is impressive if your midsection is ripped. You should do the variation which you feel makes you look the best. If you pick vacuum position then at the finishing point of the pose, exhale and crunch your abs before moving on. Pay attention to the angle at which you bend your forearm in relation to your upper arm. Hold your arms in such a way so that it gives a balanced look.

Back Double Biceps

This pose is similar to the front double biceps pose except for a few important differences. Flex your calves and hamstrings fully, considering half of the pose is made up by them. Your arms should be pulled towards the judges as well as your wrists even further. Your elbows should be away from judges. With your spine rounded, your shoulder blades should be spread and back muscles flexed. Tense your abs to bring out the lower abs. You can even turn your head from side to side to show a ripple of muscle wave across your trapezius.

Back Relax Pose

Turn your feet out, toes at ten to two clock position ad press your feet into the floor in order to flex your legs further. Relax the legs slightly, avoiding straight legs. Pull up your lats, spreading them as wide as you can. Don’t go too high as this will make your shoulders shrug. Arms by your sides in a flare, with elbows turned out a little. Now, rotate to allow all the judges the same view.

Front Relaxed Pose

Put your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, grip floor with your big toe, creating an arch in your foot and abduct hip without moving your feet. Contract glutes and drive like a glute bridge. Keep your glutes tight and pull your abdominal wall inward and upward. Pinch your shoulder blades together medially towards spinal column without shrugging the shoulders. Now, pushing your chest towards the ceiling, keep shoulder blades down while swinging the shoulder blade back out and away from the body.

Muscular Crab Pose

Stand facing front towards the judges and contract the pectorals, obliques, anterior deltoids, biceps, forearms and abdominals along with quadriceps and calves should also be flexed if possible. The upper body will on its own assume slightly bent forward position on contracting all the visible front muscles, forcing your hands together, hands in fist meeting in front. The neck will protrude out of the shoulder muscles just like a crab.

Side Triceps

Start with the foot position that can be used on these two poses. Keep your display leg mostly straight, but slightly bent, and spiking the toe of your rear leg out behind you. You can grip your wrist if you can reach it, the side of your palm, or lock fingers, with the display arm being palm up with the grabbing arm being palm down or vis a vis. Try and straighten out your front arm as much as possible, and pull your shoulder back. This will give you and extended width. Finally, turn at the waist into a half-face position. This little twist will give a V-taper to your upper torso giving a smaller appearance to waistline. While showing to the judges, rotate the arm back and forth a little so that they can have a good look at your long-head triceps.

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