Manoj Patil and Siddhant Jaiswal – Fun Unlimited!

IFBB Pro Manoj Patil and renowned athlete Siddhant Jaiswal are known to share a special bond as friends. Body and Strength asked them a few fun questions to which we had very spontaneous and candid answers. Gear up for heavy dose of fun they have for you in this video!

How much you know about your favorite bodybuilding athletes? We know you are in awe of their physique, determination and hard work but here, we are talking of them as a person – what are their likes and dislikes. The candid Q&A session brings out their funnier and lighter side which you might have missed and might not have looked beyond their rippling muscles and sweat behind it.

It is important to let your hair down and spend time with friends to bring out the best in you, Manoj and Siddhant exemplify the camaraderie one needs to share. We asked them questions on their cheat meal, their favorite actors, their favorite drinks and not to miss out on what they had to say about the great ‘leg day’ which has the potential of pulling anyone’s leg in the gym… oops! Did we say it all? Perhaps not, until you see the video, you won’t possibly know that it is equally harder for them as for a normal gym goer!

The video shows them horsing around, having fun, making faces… well, don’t tell me that no normal person does that, everyone reading it does that. If you are not letting yourself out of control once in a while, it will be more difficult for your to stay in control and in discipline to achieve your goals. As Manoj and Siddhant put it – “Those who exercise control and follow a diet are the ones who have the right to cheat meal, no one else does!”

Manoj and Siddhant both have one common favorite workout, find out the answer to it in the video! In addition to that one, Manoj enjoys doing inlcline dumbbell press. They both have one common place in their respective homes which is their favorite – bed! How dumb of us to even ask that question, after so much of hard work day in and day out, where else one would like to end your day or even spend your day… of course, sleeping! Manoj expresses his fondness for cricket – the game which has earned the cadre of a religion in India! But Siddhant confesses that he can’t think anything beyond the game of bodybuilding. Well that’s an honest one!

When we asked them about their favorite drink, they ended up  with memories of their waterless days while competing, how much they love drinking water after that, their description had us valuing our own water bottles more than anything! Manoj gave an expected answer of ‘diet coke’ and states that his coach is generous enough to allow him one in a day. Further, Manoj lists out on his favorite… ahem… actresses in a row like Aishwarya, Kareena, Shraddha and he couldn’t recall a more recent name! There are many of them we tell you!For Siddhant’s take on it, watch the video.

We are not going to give you all the answers in the video description here, we need you to feel their expressions, their fondness, their fun-side, their underlying determination and their unsaid resolve plus dedication towards the sport of bodybuilding that has shaped their rest of their lives around it. Enjoy the human side of your supermen here at!

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