Manik Dhodi Tells You How Running Makes a Super Sonic Life like His!

Manik Dhodi is a marathon runner and works for Adidas India as Director Real Estate. This video from gives the story of a running fighter who realized his goal, changed his habits and successfully was not only able to transform himself but now, is helping others to change their lifestyle too.

He was 104kg and never bothered about getting into shape or checking on his health which was deteriorating day by day. He was oblivious of the fact that high cholesterol levels can wreck the condition of his heart and a hay-wire lifestyle can mess with his immune system. The first realization which shook his mind came on the day when he was in his daughter’s school and there was a race where he had to participate as a parent. He realized that he won’t be able to run half a mile. That could not just embarrass his daughter publicly, but also damage her self respect.

The journey began with self-introspection and he took little steps all by himself to improve his lifestyle and made sure to get some exercise daily. He cut down on his junk, harmful diet and started running in everyday, in whatever capacity he could. In the first few months, he was able to cut down to 5-6 kg all by himself and that motivated him further to try in a more organized way. At first he thought that he must reach his weight goal of 72-75 kg keeping his height in mind. But gradually, it dawned upon him that bodyweight is not actually the sign of a healthy body, especially, not alone. A lot of effort has to be put in eating right, working out in a correct manner. Eventually, he was able to build a suitable routine for himself which matched his body requirements and his fitness goals.

He tells in the video, how he gets up as early as 5am in the morning, has warm lemon-honey water,drops children to the school-bus and then goes to his gym or run. If either of that is not done in the morning, it is done in the night. Whole day he takes very less carbs, begins his day with at least 3 boiled eggs, followed by nuts and all the nutritious intakes. He reduced his lunch diet to only 1 chapati and concentrated more on vegetables and fresh salads. He takes fruits as mid meals, and black coffee, at different time intervals. He has developed a proportionate body transformation focusing on strength and his workouts are seen being carried out effortlessly due to his years of practice which has now become a habit for him.

He quotes “I am an athlete, and athletes never give-up”. He has given himself a gift of good health and strength which in turn has rewarded him with a strong and calm mind, which in turn helps him in performing well at work, matching up with all pressure situations, and spending quality time with family. This kind of super-sonic yet rewarding and balanced life can only be achieved if you have achieved a balance of body and mind and have laid a strong foundation for your health and fitness which empowers you to utilize best of your potential lasting a lifetime!

Watch the video above for more inspiring insights from this runner who has run more than 100 races including half-marathons, full-marathons, ultra-races and obstacle races in last few years across the country. This passionate sports lover has recently represented India at the World Masters Athletics Championship 2018 held in Malaga, Spain.

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