Mahima Jain's Weight Loss of 38kg is A Story of Strength!

Obesity is a disease and it is high time people stopped looking at it as a stigma. Obese people need a lot of determination but more than that they need a lot of motivation and support to become healthy again. Mahima Jain is one such fighter who won with her strength and patience.

Mahima Jain's Weight Loss of 38kg is A Story of Strength!

Like most of the obese people, Mahima Jain also went through a lot of fat shaming. People used to call her names and also almost every person would come upto her and explain her how it is important for her to lose weight and look good as if looking good was entirely dependent on losing weight! It was a hard time for her and it is a harsh a reality of our society as well.

It was her family who explained it to her that it is important to lose weight to support your health system and she should not pay attention to what people said as far as she believed in herself.

Mahima Jain is a 30 years old from Delhi and she is a BSc in Mass Communication, Advertising and Journalism from Asian School of Media Studies. Despite being trained in Media business, she chose to become a Pilate trainer.

She did her Personal Trainer Certificate course from K11, Nutritional and Weight Management Certificate course from Classic Fitness Academy and Plilates course from Yasmin Karachiwala Body Image, Mumbai. She is currently working at Body Image and trains others in Pilates, Strength & Functional Training. She trains clients at home as a freelancer as well.

Obesity is a disease and she wanted to get out of that trap. That is when she decided to lose extra kilos and become a fitter version of herself. After her class 12th, and after shifting to Delhi, she set her clear goals in front of her and decided to achieve the same so she started off with a confidence in herself and a strong reason as to why she wished to achieve her fitness goal. When she started off her journey to fitness she was 99.9kg and now she is 62kg! This is a massive transformation not only in terms of weight but overall strength and stamina.

The only challenge she faced was her own expectations with her improvement. She wanted to do better everyday and wanted to keep herself motivated everyday. That was the only challenge she faced and she is glad to share that she could overcome that obstacle when she could see her goals as results!

Workout Schedule

Every morning as soon as she gets up, she makes it a point to hit the gym first and start her day. She exercises regularly 6 days a week which includes strength Pilates and functional training. She trains herself for at least 2 hours a day. She makes sure that she is giving her body that much of time.

Her home routine during lockdown was easy and fun. She just had to train her mind and then everything happened effortlessly. Gym set up was not possible for her so she indulged more into mat Pilates and functional floor training.

Basic Diet

She left all white colored food – sugar, salt, rice, processed flour and bread. She changed her taste bud to healthy recipe like more of salads, protein and fiber based food.

She ends her story by saying that she herself is her own inspiration and she strives to be better everyday. She keeps motivating herself and applaud herself for every small step taken towards her fitness goals. She says that if you are looking for fat loss, you need to be dedicated, focused, passionate and disciplined towards your goal to achieve in life. You also need to have immense patience as it doesn’t happen overnight. It is a long process and you have to change your lifestyle forever to be rewarded with a better and fitter version of yourself.

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