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Lunges Workout - Day 5

In Day 5 of 7 Days Home Workout series, Rosie shows you how to perfect the art of doing lunges. Watch her as she demonstrates different variations of lunges.

Rosie began with her usual warm-up exercises which comprised shoulder/arms circles (front and back), star jacks (30 seconds / 3 sets) and spot jumping for 30 seconds and 3 sets. Jumping and star jacks as warm-up exercises increase blood circulation in the legs.

Lunges work best for your leg and glute muscles and are a must inclusion in your leg day. It is important to assume right posture and position to have maximum impact through lunges. Rosie began with crusty lunges back (20 reps / 3 sets). This workout impacts your glutes and helps remove excess fat from your inner thighs. First you do simple squat and then you take one of your legs to the back, tilted towards outside as shown in the video and perform the lunge. Similarly, you do with the other leg.

Next, Rosie demonstrated crusty lunges front (20 reps / 3 sets). Here you bring one leg forward and then perform the lunge. Alternate your legs in the way shown in the video. This exercise targets your front and side thigh muscles. Do not forget to take a 10 seconds rest between two exercises.

Rosie moves ahead to demonstrate front walk lunges (20 reps / 3 sets). This exercise is a very good fat burner. Put both your hands behind your head, bring on leg forward and lunge. Repeat with other leg. She then shows how to do back step lunges (20 reps / 3 sets). Here, you take your leg back from the hieght of your belly button as shown in the video. This is a powerful workout for your all thigh and glute muscles.

Last exercise in lunges series is side lunge (20 reps / 3 sets). This exercise impacts your side and inner thighs alike. Put your legs in a comfortable wide apart position and perform lunges side to side. If you wish to add cardio effect to side lunges then stand straight with one leg lifted a little, taking that leg to wide apart position everytime while performing lunge. Repeat with the other leg.

Rosie demonstrates crunches for your belly with bycicle crunches (50 reps / 3 sets), Russian twist (50 reps / 3 sets) and reverse crunches (20 reps / 3 sets). She then finishes off with some cool down exercises and stretches to relax her body. If you will follow whole regimen of home workout shown by Rosie, you are boubd to get results without overdoing your muscles.

Following is a list of exercises for day 5 of 7 Days Home Workout with Rosie.


Shoulder/arms circles front and back

Star Jacks 3 30 Seconds
Spot jumping 3 30 Seconds


Crusty lunges back 3 20 Reps
Crusty lunges front 3 20 Reps
Front walk lunges 3 20 Reps
Back step lunges 3 20 Reps
Side lunge 3 20 Reps


Bicycle crunches 3 50 Reps
Russian twist 3 50 Reps
Reverse crunches 3 50 Reps

Cool down exercises

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