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Lose Fat, Build Lean Muscle Mass or Lockdown or No Lockdown!

If burning unwanted fat and gaining lean muscle mass is on your mind but no access to gym is stopping you these days, not to worry. There is nothing you put your mind into and you can’t do it home as far as workout is concerned. Anthony Cardoz explains which exercises can really help!

Lose Fat, Build Lean Muscle Mass or Lockdown or No Lockdown!

I hope everyone is at home and safe. Probably some of us must have been a bit out of shape due to a huge change in our daily schedule because of lockdown. With lot of binge watching Netflix and binging on snacks out of boredom is going to deteriorate our health for sure!

Although gyms are closed, we can still walk out of the lockdown with a fit body or at least we can try to maintain a little bit of our health by doing these simple yet effective exercises. If followed properly and if diet is on point (eggs, meat, chicken and other forms of food protein is still available so make the most of it), you can achieve your fitness goal and by the end of the lockdown, you can walk out with a lean physique.

So here are few exercises which will help you lose weight and gain a lean muscle mass at home.

1. Squats

Squat is the best exercise as it is a compound exercise (an exercise which involves more than one joint hence more than 1 muscle is working) which will hit your glutes muscles along with hamstrings, and quadriceps. Make sure you do at least 15 reps of 3-4 sets to get the benefits intermediate can go up to 30 reps per set and Advance can try 50 per set!

2. Push-ups

What can be a better exercise to pump up your pectoral (chest) muscles other than push-ups? Well, some of you might say bench press but as gyms are closed, you think you have any option? So just like squats even push-up is a compound exercise which will make your pectoral muscles sore along with your triceps and anterior deltoid muscles!

Perform at least 10-12 reps for beginners and intermediate or Advance can go up to 30-40 reps of 3 sets.

3. Pike Push-up

In this exercise, you keep your legs on elevated surface and hands close to keep your hip elevated so your body forms V upside down. Try doing a pushup in this position. This push-up should be tried by intermediate or Advance people whose regular Pushups form and technique is clear. So try and perform 20 reps for 3 sets. This exercise will target your anterior deltoid muscles to a great extent.

4. Hand and Leg raises

Hand and leg raises is an exercise, which will help you to develop a strong core and strengthen your hip flexor muscles. Simply lay down and lift your hands and legs up both together. Beginners can get fatigue with even 10 reps of this. So beginners should try and perform 10 reps for 3 sets and intermediate and advance can try and perform at least 25 reps for 3 sets.

5. Lunges

An effective exercise for muscles, similar to squats but of the working leg. This can also help you to build a bit of more stability in your body. Perform 10 reps each leg for 3 sets intermediate 15 reps each leg and advance can go for 20 reps each leg

6. Black Widow Knee Slides

An exercise which is damn good one for your hip flexors, your obliques and abdominal muscles. This exercise targets all this 3 muscles at the same time! So what excuse due you need to avoid this one? Stay in push-up position, drag your knee towards your chest and pull your hip up. For beginners minimum of 5 reps each side into 3 sets. Intermediate can perform 10 reps and advance can do 15 reps each side for 3 sets.

7. Butterfly Sit-ups

Targeting mainly your abs muscles this exercise is similar to crunches but in this one as you curl your body up you open your arms and straighten your back. Curl down the same way by closing your arms and going back down. Reps and sets? Beginners: 10 reps 3 sets, Intermediate: 20 reps 3 sets and Advance: 30 reps 3 sets.

Hope these exercises help you to get lean till the end of the lockdown period. Keep working towards your goals and follow the nutrition for optimum results! Stay healthy, stay fit and most importantly stay at home.

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