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Lifestyle Diseases: Fitness is Better than Cure

Check and prevent lifestyle diseases while there is still time. This article throws light on how good nutrition and exercise are effective escape routes to good life!

Lifestyle Diseases: Fitness is Better than Cure

Fitness is better than cure- an old saying with a twist, most of people told us, remember hearing 'prevention is better than cure' in school. Although best quote for the current scenario, our fast paced lives barely allow us to worry about our own health. Eating junk food, finding no time to exercise, making no room for meditation or self-care activities are some of the downsides of a fast paced lifestyle. That lifestyle leads to illness, giving rise to the ‘pill life’.

Lifestyle disorder constituteof diseases that occur majorly on the basis of living habits and lifestyle of people. This is generally develops because of the relationship with their respective environment.  The most commonly seen harmful pattern in lifestyle is low physical activity, food habits, disturbed sleep, competitive living and bad body postures.

A large number of people suffer due to improper diets and improper lifestyle: lack of nutrition, non-communicable diseases, poor maternal, perinatal condition and many more. A strong immune system and lifestyle is very important to get back to normal healthy self.

Let’s get together and see how we can go for a better living (lifestyle).

What are the causes of illness?

  • Most of us are indulged in sitting jobs with least mobility. This leads to joint pain, back aches, obesity, heart diseases etc.
  • Life both personal and professional is full of stress, which is the main cause of mental illness which turns to It is also associated with heart related issues, fatigue, tiredness, insomnia and many more.
  • Major cause - junk/fast food, food rich in sugar, sodium, and fats in what we indulge in due to the lack of time to prepare fresh food. However, all this food is less in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Relationship between you and environment

The relationship between you and environment is unmatched, totally apposite if we relate this with 90’s environment and 21st century environment. This complex relationshipdetermines the final outcome - the overall health status. Knowing your health status will help you decrease onset of any lifestyle disease or can totally prevent them from happening by taking actionable steps by moving to a healthy diet and adapting to an active lifestyle.

Preventive Measures

What we can do is to bring small change in diet and lifestyle. It can help you to have a healthy and joyful lifestyle.

Things to do

Regular exercise

No matter what is your job type, it is essential to take out sometime for exercise. Regular exercise helps in eliminating toxins from the body and burn the extra fat as well.

Healthy diet

The very first thing you need to do is to get rid of bad dietary habits, example: soda, junk food, fatty foods, alcohol etc.-  it causes a lot of health problems. Prefer to eat healthy home cooked food. Example: yogurt, mushroom, garlic, green tea, spinach, almonds, green vegetable, seasonal fruits, drink more and more water.

Regular health checkup

Go for regular health checkup. We should not deny the benefits of the complete health checkup. There are a lot of health issues that remain silent until they reach their last or late stage. Hence, checkup is the best solution for their prevention.

Let us take a pledge for a healthy lifestyle, it is better to choose preventive measures rather than struggling to get cured in later stages as these uncalled illnesses not only bring in a lot of stress but also go heavy on the pocket.

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