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Lifestyle Coach Priyancka: Limited Conditioning must not Stop You!

Priyancka Makkar writes about herself – how she overcame her personal problems by transforming her lifestyle and her mindset through lifestyle coaching. She went on to take certifications to become a Lifestyle Coach and has set her goals to help at least a million people transform their lives by 2025!

Lifestyle Coach Priyancka: Limited Conditioning must not Stop You!

Day in and Day out, most of us live a life without self-awareness. An almost fixed pattern is kind of followed by each one of us. If I talk about the majority of people, life is being led in ignorance and negligence. Success stories and their ways are generally seen in monetary terms. Happy stories are measured with happy relationships. Our education system and society around us is all about - who we have to become? And if we fail to do so, we feel we are not up to the mark and hence,keep trying to prove something for someone. The truth is- every real life story unfolds in its own way.

My wheel of life was going smooth, from - physical, mental, emotional health to relationships, career and family till the time I didn't know that there is always another side of the coin too. When we learn driving, we need to accept traffic jams and lights. But we usually deny.

I am Priyancka and I am - A Lifestyle Coach, Author, Transformational speaker, Personality & Communication Developer.

Life indeed is uncertain but still some fragments are in control of a human beings. External circumstances have their own varied effect although we have the capability to divert our attention. We all have a true potential to see beyond the problems but our conditioning is limited.Small and big fears are ruling our minds.

Totally,just like any other human being, his/her life,the way it revolves around being on the common planet. My life also got trapped in problems.All the picture perfect family and dream life started giving me the worst time of my life.

Feelings like frustration, anger, crying, blaming, pain, helplessness, insecurities, etc. started creeping up like weeds in my life. As a mother of two, my whole junction of mind was all about how to save my kids from this storm. Reading articles and meeting specialists, got me a structure to know about lifestyle coaching.

Highly ignored till now, I required change in lifestyle. There has been negligence about mental health and a weak mindset about love of my life, my husband – we parted ways. I wasn't ready for our two children to open their wings of life in such an environment.

I was broken but Lifestyle Coaching gave me self-awareness about understanding human behavior and life in much brighter way rather than getting stuck and give up on everything mainly losing the real wealth - health of our self.  I transformed my mindset and chose to become a certified Lifestyle Coach. I couldn't think of any other better way to first educate my own children and then contribute to the society too.

She is on a mission to transform one million lives by 2025.

Thoughts create our reality. Imagine, how beautiful and powerful it would be if we understand as early as possible the power of a thought procedure. 

We don't gain weight overnight, we don't lose relationships all of a sudden, we don't lose money by just overspending at one go or not saving in a short while,and country doesn't lose its economy in a minute - a few examples.

Definitely,a certain mindset is playing a vital role behind the real action. Here we break or create our lives. Conventional education doesn't fix our emotions. Everybody doesn't take psychology as a subject. So, more than 99.9% of us are unknowingly leading a life thinking there is no solution to our problems now. Everyone go through a problem, our parents, friends, people around us and observing this around, we feel a part of it and surrender it too.

Lifestyle coaching helps to discover our own self the most and the mindset we carry, as the whole role is played by us using it in each and every smallest action of our life. If mind has all the confusion, how can you expect to take a clear decision and expect a desired result?

That’s how my clear and growth oriented mindset supports me to manage my time and energy well.

I have transformed more than thousand people by now through my coaching programme called - "TRANSFORMATION IN and OUT", which is time tested, adaptable and result oriented. It’s truly a will of an individual to get coached and change his lifestyle both at mind & body to excel and attain success in every area of their life.My universal mantra is - "ONLY IF YOU ARE WILLING TO BE, ANY GROWTH IS POSSIBLE". I coach people to build their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual n social well-being. They become unstoppable. As a lifestylecoach I give my clients complete accountability and hand holding with a powerful community of people who only know one thing in life - RIGHT ACTION AT THE RIGHT TIME - This makes anyone achieve their desired goals. Mindset is what matters for anything on this planet.

100% inspiring/ transformational stories among my clients have been seen .You know when we take ownership of our own life, we simply enjoy the challenges life give us because we know it’s all temporary and a growth mindset automatically finds a solution.

Majorly people stopped procrastination,started following powerful schedules, took responsibilities, stopped blaming, lost their long due extra pounds, started eating healthy, found their passions & purpose, build their career, started caring for themselves in all together by just following a powerful lifestyle.

I was amazed to see and get in touch with my mentors & gurus. I am proud to have numerous life experiences in my last decade .My learnings are from - Sadhguru, The landmark, Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Arfeen khan, Ron Malhotra... and none other than my parents. Their unshakeable confidence and such hit rock bottom stories made me take an action. All I could hear and believe is - If I can do it, anybody can do it and I also did it … and here I am stronger, more powerful and happier!

This really keeps me going each day breaking all my personal n professional challenges.

I must say I feel complete as everyday when I see a life changing and making an impact around him as well, it feels my purpose is being accomplished. I still hear that voice in me which I had 5 years ago - Priyancka your story can impact and inspire many lives, Don't let it go waste.

I am happy raising my 2 children as a happy, healthy and successful mother and we as parents, doing our roles amicably in harmonious environment because we totally understand its life and we all need to move on and let go of grudges.

India needs lifestyle coaches, world needs lifestyle coaches – it’s the most demanding and highly approachable time where we all need to learn real life skills and growth mindset to break our unfavorable conditioned beliefs & fears once for all yet believing in Love, Lifestyle and Liberation... my upcoming book.

Wisdom, Love, Peace & Light.

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