Leaders of Fit India Movement are The People - PM Modi

Fit India Abhiyaan was officially launched on August 29, 2019 at Indira Gandhi Stadium by Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. This is a strong campaign which has been launched to mark a new movement which keeps health and fitness of oneself first because a healthy nation is a developed nation.

Leaders of Fit India Movement are The People - PM Modi

We have been listening about Fit India movement as one of government’s priority campaigns which include the likes of Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan and BetiBachao, Beti Padhao. The official launch of Fit India Abhiyaan, however, was initiated today with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation from Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi. The event was marked with the presence of all significant Fit India campaigners, fitness enthusiasts, sports legends and sports personalities taking up the front seats and the stage seats at the stadium.

Not to mention the school children and the youth filled the stadium with resplendent energy and buzz, they make the real stars of any event. There were inaugural history-telling in a story format on the stage about how fitness is ingrained in Indian culture, war styles, sports and even gully-games. The narration was all-encompassing, even PM Narendra Modi began his address referring to the beautiful presentation by the artists, youth and children. He said that very little is left to be said about Indian heritage of keeping fit which now needs to be resumed and restored owing to the onset of trending technology-dependency.

Whole stadium echoed with welcoming applaud for a long time when our popular Prime Minister entered and proceed to the stage exchanging greetings with fitness icons on the stage and sat near the podium. After the colorful and invigorating inaugural performance, Shri Kiren Rijiju (Minister of State of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports) gave an inspiring welcome note and paid tribute to the Indian hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand on his birth anniversary today (Thursday) which is observed as National Sports Day in India. Afterwards, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his address to the nation.

Prime Minister said that the real leader of this campaign is the common person, who pledges to be fit and inspire others to be fit too. Government is there to help, guide and act as a catalyst only. He urged the ministries and government officials present there to make it sure that the movement reaches every school, college and community in India. He said that success has direct relationship with fitness and a fit person can embrace more success in life because his or her health doesn’t betray his or her speed and productivity in life. His witty speech carried his own personal experiences with how people find ways to procrastinate the work on their own fitness. But in the long run, how it doesn’t help them reach anywhere.

He said that fitness is not an option but is the prime requisite of life. Hence, he urged the people of India to make it a topic of discussion in the families and project to be worked upon so that each member of the family stays as fit as they can.

We have to get out of our trap of technology and start moving our bodies to get the things done. He said the rise in the number of cases of lifestyle diseases is there because of lifestyle disorder, this can be corrected by correcting lifestyle and the answer is paying attention to your body and keeping it fit. Mr. Modi stated that India is not the only nation who has planned a whole movement for improving the fitness of its countrymen and gave examples of other countries like UK, US and Germany who have designed similar goals to improve the fitness and health of their people. His powerful message to the nation on fitness received massive applaud and stadium filled with thousands of people heard in pin-drop silence in between.

The official launch of Fit India campaign on Thursday has moved the public and people have started taking resolutions to themselves to keep themselves fit enough to be successful in their respective ambitions, change lifestyles according to their aim of getting fit. As PM stated, ‘If I am Fit, India is Fit.’ He summed up his speech by delegating the authority to the masses that they have to take Fit India movement forward as they took Swachch Bharat movement earlier and still are doing.

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