Know How A Mother and Doctor Turned Into An Athlete At 38

It’s not easy to take up such a sport at the age of 38 but she is a wonderful all-rounder who manages her passion and profession by giving her 100 per cent to both.

I am Mridula, a 38 year-old from New Delhi. I am a doctor by profession, MBBS, MD.

I started my competitive fitness journey in 2017 and my passion for fitness motivated me to be in this sport. I always wanted a fit body and a healthy mind.

I am managing both my passion and my profession life by giving 100 per cent to both. I completely involved whatever I take up at one time whether it’s my job or my passion.

My setbacks make me retrospect my weakness, overcome them and come back stronger and with a better physique next time I step on the stage.

My family has always been very supportive in all my endeavours.

Female bodybuilding is a nascent stage as compared to the west, but I am sure it will get better in the coming years provided we pursue it with knowledge and under food guidance.

Post pregnancy getting back in shape was not much of a problem as I never mismanaged my diet during pregnancy. A good nutrition, breast feeding my baby who made me lose a lot of calories and a little bit of cardio and formal exercises helped in a big way.

My son is my best critic and he totally understands my passion. He always accompanies me in all my competitions.

My trainer is my backbone, he is the best motivator and guide and he has shaped me into whatever I’m today in the field of fitness and bodybuilding. I believe my journey has just started as I have been competing only since last year. I have a lot to achieve in the coming year and my biggest dream is to make my country proud in an international stage.


  • Miss India 2018
  • Miss Delhi 2017 & 2018
  • Fit Factor 2nd Runner Up 2017
  • Fit Line Classic 1st Runner Up
  • PCA Pro 2017 Gold medal
  • IHFF Amateur Olympia India silver medal

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