Kill the Chill: 7 Key Tips on How to Workout, 12 Tips for Right Diet

Here are few suggestions to avoid the winter weight gain and help you kick-start 2019!

Kill the Chill: 7 Key Tips on How to Workout, 12 Tips for Right Diet

The Xmas Gift for You by Nikita Suresh

Winter is one of the hardest seasons when it comes to keeping fit. Invariably, it’s the season with the most number of excuses to avoid exercising and when everyone prefers to stay tucked under their blankets. Here’s a question you’ve got to ask yourselves- After putting in so much effort the entire year by regularly working out and eating the right foods, would you want them to all go in vainthis festive season? Here are a few suggestions to avoid the winter weight gain and help you kick-start 2019!

After speaking to a few of my clients on what keeps them motivated, I have compiled some tips that will help you stay on track with your goals.

  1. You can start by choosing a friend, partner or workout buddy whom you are accountable to, bearing in mind that the role of this person will be to make sure you don’t miss any of your workouts.

  1. One way to add some excitement into this health-driven, rewarding journey of yours would be to treat yourself when you hit your desired goal. However, if you fall short of achieving your goal, the treat needs to be pushed to the next week.

  1. Another unique tip would be to sleep in your workout wear. It may sound silly but you’d be surprised to know that many people miss out on workouts simply because they dread the trouble of getting ready in a zombie-like state upon waking. Putting on your workout wear before going to bed could very well be the simple, yet un-thought of solution you ever needed!

  1. In addition to that, setting weekly goals with reminders or alarms on your phone will undoubtedly assist in getting you off on the right foot.

  1. Another suggestion would be to envision a particular outfit you would want to wear for Christmas or New Year. Place a piggy bank in your room and depending on the price of the outfit, put a set amount into the piggy bank each day you work out and eat right, with the aim collecting enough by the end of the month to purchase the outfit of your choice.

  1. If you feel highly motivated but find your friend struggling, support him/her by gifting workout wear, a fitness class voucher, a diet counselling session or some healthy goodies that will inspire them to start a healthy routine.

  1. It is important to understand that the only way to stay healthy and fit is to be consistent with exercise and eat the right foods. Therefore, choose an exercise that is fun to keep the boredom away.

The Winter Special Diet

Since eating right is the first and foremost key to good health, how can the stay-fit recipe for winters miss out on the following tips:

  1. When it comes to eating, stay off unhealthy processed/packaged foods, foods that are high in sugar, high in sodium and high in fat.

  1. Include whole fruits, vegetables and whole grains such as millets, wheat and brown rice.

  1. It will be advantageous to ensure that your meals also consist of a good mix of protein from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources.

  1. Keep the consumption of alcohol in moderation and try to avoid cocktails and mocktails.

  1. Opting for both local and seasonal vegetables and fruitswould be a wise choice as they are easy to procure and affordable.

  1. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated, although you may not feel like drinking water. Please take note thatit isa must to drink enough water so as to regulate your body temperature, avoid dehydration and improve your skin texture.

  1. Try making some simple healthy swaps to your diet and if you crave for a hot chocolate drink, make it with low fat skimmed milk and unsweetened cocoa powder or dark chocolate instead of full fat milk and regular cocoa powder.

  1. Whenever possible, replace white sugar with brown sugar, honey or jaggery.

  1. Considering the fact that winter can potentially affect your mood,it would be a good time to include some soups into your diet as well.

  1. In any circumstances, do not go on acrash diet or very low calorie diets as it can compromise your immune system.

  1. Do ensure you include foods that are rich in antioxidants and are immune boosting. For example, include foods that are rich in Vitamin C and beta carotene such as orange, lime, amla, papaya,broccoli, pumpkin, carrot, beetroot and sweet potato.

  1. It is important to not only watch what you eat and drink but also how much you eat and drink, so be sure to check your portion sizes especially when you attend a bunch of December parties!


Wish you all a Happy & Healthy Holiday season!


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