Kill it with Posing with Mr. World Thakur Anoop Singh

In this video, Mr. Anoop talks about the importance of posing in bodybuilding competitions. He also gave a sneak as to what he does on stage. He also revealed the secret behind his posing techniques which can lead to success.

Thakur Anoop Singh former Mr. World and actor talks about the importance of posing in this video. He talked about how there are no classes available for learning to pose and how he learned to pose all by himself. He said that he learned to pose by watching online videos of bodybuilders from 1965 to 2000. He added that he would stand in front of a mirror for hours to improve his posing. According to the former Mr. World posing is not to copy someone else, it is about understanding your body, your plus points, and structuring your poses accordingly and be unique.

According to Anoop, having a good body is not enough because there are millions out there with a great body. So the key to attract and impress the judges and audience is how you present your body that is how well you pose. He said the one minute on stage is all yours and you can create a miracle up there. He also suggests that one should not only focus on judges but also the audience. He showed a few tricks on how one can entertain and engage the audience.

He also talks about the usual mistakes that people make on stage and how to avoid them. He says that participants usually lose focus and let go of the abs and body when they are standing in the backline and think people are not watching them, which is a huge mistake as you are constantly being watched and judged as long as you are on stage. As soon as you let go of your abs you lose, he says.

He says that the key is to create an illusion of your body where your waist looks sleek and where your plus points are highlighted. His vision is to look like a Greek God when on stage. He showed his plus points and how he highlights them.

"Obliques are my plus point and I use vacuum technique to highlight them", he says. He showed some of his on-stage moves and techniques in this video. He suggests that it is important to enjoy when you are on stage.

He talked about a girl who he taught posing and his experience of wearing heels for the very first time. He said that he is willing to teach posing to the people who really have potential and calibre in them. He added that people can contact him on his Instagram handle to learn to pose.

This video is filled with years of experience of Mr. Anoop and lots of tips and tricks that he uses to charm people with his unique style.

To learn more about posing watch the video.

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