KFS Presents Asia Edufit Summit: Post Event Coverage

Asia Edufit Summit held at Vivanta by Taj, Delhi on August 18th – 19th followed by a networking night to mark the 10th anniversary of Classic Fitness Academy steered by Dr. Chirag Sethi was fun-filled and motivated all guests and attendees towards the right knowledge and education in the field. Read more.

Asia Edufit Summit was held at Vivanta by Taj (Delhi) on August 18th and 19th (2019). It was organized under the aegis of Classic Fitness Academy. It was one of the first very successful fitness education summit in India which saw phenomenal success because back to back sessions in the convention went housefull. There were around 400 registrations and attendees thoroughly enjoyed the exposure and knowledge they gained from presenters who came from across the world for their sessions in India.

The sessions were held in 5 halls and each hall had around 5 sessions each day that means there were approximately 50 different sessions based on different types of training, knowledge and education in fitness. Some of the veteran presenters at the summit were:  Ken Millar, Pete Mccall, Pushpanjali Sharma, Dave LJow, Jerrican Tan, Dr. Chirag Sethi, Farel Hrushka, Fabio Comana, Henrick Olofsson, Mahek Shah, Zes Prateek Kundal, Vinay Sangwan and Amrita Yadav.

On August 18th, the back to back sessions were followed by the night of celebrations which marked the 10th anniversary of Classic Fitness Academy at Vivanta by Taj. The fitness and sports community was seen gathering under one roof and enjoying an array of entertaining programs. Classic Fitness Academy’s head Dr. Chirag Sethi said that it has been 9 to 10 years that he has been dreaming of this day when he could hold a successful knowledge exchange sessions in a summit like this which will be attended by trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike to gain useful exposure to the trends across the world and not only India. He said that at last his vision turned into reality on 10th anniversary of Classic Fitness Academy – the premium academy which trains you right to build a career in the industry. The highlight of the event was the presence of Arjuna awardee and Khel Ratna awardee, Padma Shri Deepa Mallik who filled the audience and guests with motivation for life with her profound story. All the partners to the event were felicitated on the stage. The finale was decked up with an award ceremony based on public voting, it was people’s choice award for two important categories – Group X Famous Leader award went to Manish Ruhail and Personal Trainer of the Year was picked up by Vaibhav! The public voting was done through bodyandstrength.com.

It has been envisioned by the organizing team of KFS presents Asia Edufit Summit that this summit must follow successful sequels as well. Such useful conventions on fitness are rare in the country and must be encouraged by us. A commendable job delivered by Chirag Sethi and his team indeed.

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