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Kettlebells, Strength Conditioning - by Vinay Sangwan

Do you know that strength conditioning is a must for everyone irrespective of the fact whether you are in deep fitness or not. Let’s make it interesting with the kettlebell exercises given in this article.

Kettlebells, Strength Conditioning - by Vinay Sangwan

What are kettlebells? What is their origin? Are kettlebells safe? Can you use kettlebells for general fitness? Stated here are commonly asked questions by people who are new to using kettlebells as an exercise tool.

A Kettlebell is a Russian strength & conditioning tool, which looks like a cannon ball with a handle, which made their way to Russia about 1700, where they were used as a weight measure for grain and goods. From being used as a weight for grain, to a tool for athletic development and health, the Kettlebell slowly developed into a sport of its own.

Kettlebells have the ability to provide one a full body workout in shortest time possible. It works on all muscles of the body providing a complete body workout and requires minimum set up. It helps in achieving any goal such as fat loss, strength conditioning, rehabilitation, sports endurance in a much shorter time. Let us today learn about some of the foundational kettlebell exercises.

1. Kettlebell two-handed Swing

This is the most basic exercise for kettlebell training. It is a lift where bell moves back and forth like that of a pendulum through simultaneous flexion & extension of the hip & knee joints. Swing teaches explosive hip extension - basis of all sporting movements. E.g., jumping, kicking, sprinting etc. develops strength-endurance and teaches how to produce and reduce force by linking the upper & lower body. A wide range of challenging lifting and swinging movements builds both strength and cardio. It is great exercise for conditioning the glutes and hamstrings.

2. Traditional Goblet Squat

You must have tried squatting in the gym many a times, why not add a little variation to it and see the results enhance multiple times. Will start with traditional goblet squat although there can be as many as 13-14 variations to this. To perform this exercise, hold the handles of the kettlebells with your hands sideways, elbows slight away from chest, and take the squat position. Repeat the exercise as per your goals and needs.

3. Kettlebell Single Bell Lunges

Another incredible exercise that works on leg core strength and coordination is kettlebell single bell (in rack position) lunges. It fires core musculature, works the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. To perform this one, Begin with the feet together, grab one kettlebell, and press it overhead. Lunge forward with the leg that is opposite to arm that is loaded. Make sure that the foot contacts the ground with the heel and the forefoot.Lower the body by flexing the knee and hip of the front leg until the knee of the rear leg is almost in contact with the floor. Return to the original standing position by using both legs to come out of the position. Repeat even number of repetitions on both the legs.

4. Push Press

Next let us pick up a well-known exercise Push Press and see how this can be performed involving kettlebells. It involves a shallow squat/extension before pressing which involves lifting the bell from the rack position to the fixation/lockout position overhead. Push press works on Explosive move that sculpt big shoulders, huge traps, and ripped triceps. In addition, it builds tremendous core stability and forces you to generate power from your lower-body, transfer it up the kinetic chain, and out through your arms. For people with any shoulder impingement issues who cannot push/press a dumbbell, kettlebell is an excellent conditioner for the whole body.

5. Double Kettlebell Bent over Row

Have you ever tried rowing anytime? Double Kettlebell Bent over Row is an excellent upper body pulling movement. First place two kettlebells between your feet, then pull them from a stationary position on the floor towards your stomach, place them back to the floor, and repeat. This exercise works wonders on your rhomboids, biceps and builds strength in your back.

6. Double Kettlebell Floor Press

To perform this exercise lie on the floor and hold one kettlebell each in your hand. Then Press the kettlebell straight up toward the ceiling, rotating your wrist. Thereafter lower the kettlebell back to the starting position and repeat. It Increases triceps and pectorals (chest) hypertrophy, further builds upper body strength and enhances lockout and pressing strength.

What are you thinking now? Let us get started. It is never too late to improve your health quotient and wellbeing. By now, you would have seen that these beautiful colored bells can be used in almost all the exercises and you will never run out of stock of variations of workouts. This incredible tool used over the years offers great health, fitness and performance benefits. And I am sure you would not think twice in investing your time and efforts in kettlebell training to meet the target of a healthy life, after all it takes care of all your limitations like space, comfort, time etc.

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