Kenneth Coleman obtains #1 Rankings, two weekends in a row!

42-year-old Kenneth Coleman took number 1 spot in different weight classes, twice within 7 days. This is his incredible journey. Ken used to move around on cane and walker! How he got over such a condition with the help of his doctor and how he braved this struggle to top the charts, is worth reading!

Kenneth Coleman obtains #1 Rankings, two weekends in a row!

42-year-old Kenneth Coleman competed at the APA Rocky Memorial X Championships held in Harrison, Arkansas on December 7, 2019. At the Rocky Memorial he squatted a huge 885 squat lifting raw with wraps and totaled 2105 lbs. He weighed in at 217 bodyweight and ended up ranking #1 in Master 220 lb. ratings.

The following weekend Kenneth competed in the APA US Open in Columbia, Missouri. He weighed in at 241.8 lbs and squatted a massive 900 squat and totaled 2135 lbs. This performance ranked him #1 in 242 lb. Master ratings.

Twice within 7 days he took the #1 spot in different weight classes!

While these numbers are incredible for any lifter, what is more incredible is the struggle Ken went through to obtain these numbers. As his health slowly declined, doctors pumped him with increasing amounts of pain killers and muscle relaxers. He usually got around with a walker or cane and at times had to be carried around the house.

In 2012 his son Ryan Dean began training for the 2012 APA Rocky Memorial Championships. Determined to see his son compete, he went to the event using a cane. The event gave Ken the motivation he needed to start training regardless of what his doctors thought.

He wanted to at least be able to perform the bench press again. The following Monday he joined a West Star Gym in Mountain Home, Arkansas and began his incredible journey which led him from a walker to becoming a #1 ranked worldwide ranked powerlifter.

At this time, Ken was 3 weeks away from having a scheduled back surgery. Regardless he started training and began showing a little progress almost immediately. During the course of the 3 weeks had also put away his walker and began walking around with a cane. His doctor decided to put off the surgery for a while to see what happened. Ken continued to train and improve his condition.

In March 2013 Ken stepped on the powerlifting platform for the first time after training with his sons Ryan and David. His son David also competed in the event. The journey began. After the event, he was often seen competing at the same events his sons were competing in. He has inspired many a powerlifters and has proved that a lot can be achieved with steel determination.

He has occasionally had to use a cane on and off since that time but has continued to compete and set more and more records. From walker to world champion, it has been an incredible journey to watch!

A big congratulations to Kenneth Coleman! He has become one to the top powerlifters in the world today regardless of circumstances that got in the way!

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