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Keep the Fit Play On like These Indian Sports Stars!

Indian sports stars might not be able to hit the gym but their Instagram says a lot. From practice shots to home workout videos. Watch Pandya throwing workout challenges for Virat and others, to Virat overexcited while doing it! Well, your inspiration for the day is done!

Keep the Fit Play On like These Indian Sports Stars!

Fitness routine has lots of benefits from boosting the metabolism to improving mental health. A good fitness routine not only helps you stay fit physically like toning the muscles and increasing stamina, but it also has a great impact on your mental health. Having a fit and relaxed body also helps in preventing you from any disease. We are living with a deadly and dangerous disease Corona and need to be fit and have a strong immune system and a fit and healthy body helps in achieving it.

Coronavirus has somehow altered our daily routine. There was a time when we were like free birds, but now corona has confined us into our homes and forced us to stay in lockdown. Though lockdown is essential to stop the spread of coronavirus, it has made us very lazy. Most of us have forgotten about our fitness and are eating a lot of unhealthy food. We are waiting for the gym to open and things to get back to normal so that we can resume our daily workout. Though we might be waiting for the right time, our sports celebrities are not, from doing workout challenges to posting workout videos, our athletes are still much focused on their fitness and are determined to start off againon the field no matter what the circumstances are.

They might not be able to go to the gym but their Instagram says a lot. Their Instagram posts and stories are filled with their home workout videos. From Pandya throwing workout challenges for Virat and others, to Virat overexcited while achieving it, the videos are filled with inspiring workout clips.

Though the sports tournaments are at a halt our sports celebrities’ fitness is not. Indian batsman, Virat Kholi posted his several workout videos on Instagram. One of them had him doing his favorite exercise the post was captioned “If I had to make a choice of one exercise to do everyday, this would be it. Love the power snatch”. He has also posted many other workout videos, in one video he is accepting the challenge by Hardik Pandya and doing fly push-ups with a twist, the video is captioned, ”Hey H @hardikpandya93 loved your fly push-ups. Here's adding a little clap to it”.

Another Indian cricketer whose fitness game is on point is Hardik Pandya, like every other person Hardik too is waiting for things to get back to normal but even after the prolonged beak, Hardik has continued to work on himself to remain fit. His videos with his brother Krunal, who is also a cricketer is a treat. He challenged his brother Krunal in one of his videos to do fly push-ups, he captioned the post “Stronger. Fitter. Still under construction @krunalpandya_official, I challenge you bhai! Let’s see how many you can do #PandyaBrothers” Hardik has been utilizing this time to stay fit and push his limits. He is definitely setting the bars high.

Sangram Singh is an Indian pro-wrestler who has also appeared in Big Boss. He suffered from arthritis as a child which left him wheelchair-bound but the chair couldn’t bound his dreams. He worked hard to overcome the ailment with physiotherapy and a lot of willpower. He is now a professional wrestler and a motivational speaker for the Indian Army. His Instagram posts are filled with motivational stuff. He recently posted a video of his workout which he said was a natural workout as he was using the soil as the mat and was not using weights or machines. He captioned the post saying that it is to build a strong immune system and strength naturally. He warned the viewers to use a good mat or soil to practice otherwise they could get hurt. The life story and Instagram posts of this man is an inspiration for anyone who thinks they can do anything no matter what the circumstances are.

One of the most famous footballers, Sunil Chettri is also giving serious home workout goals to the followers. He recently uploaded his workout videos which are quite different than the rest. In his video, he is seen balancing his body on two swiss balls while doing a plank, difficult right? He captioned the post, “Champ @virat.kohli, saw you throw a challenge on this space the other day, so I’m getting in on the act too. Give us your best shot with this one. I’m assuming there won’t be any clapping involved!

PS: This is a little bit tougher than it seems.” To this Kohli replied, “Seems difficult skip. 2 swiss ball kahan se laoonmagar”.

Deepa Malik the first Indian woman to win a medal in Paralympic Games. She has also won many prestigious awards including Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award for Para-AthleticsArjuna Award for AthleticsPadma Shri. Not only her Instagram but her life is an inspiration for millions who believe in hard work. She posted her workout video on Insta lifting weights, she captioned it “8kg to 10kg to 12.5kg...and they said your spine is battered with 200 stitches and major spinal surgeries... #MondayMotivation”. Well, your whole journey is a motivation mam, hats off to her willpower, and dedication. She is a true example of no one can stop you from achieving your goals if you are determined, not even god.

Hima Das, our star Indian sprinter is also focusing on building her strength during the lockdown period. She has posted several videos of her workout on her Insta page. In one of the videos she is seeing cycling, in another she is seeing doing leg workout, she captioned the post, “Work hard and stay focussed. #focusonfitness #workhard”.

Many other celebs are posting their inspirational home workout videos. Their videos are not just an inspiration for other sports enthusiasts but also us, because no matter what is going on in life we should practice being strong to face the hurdles with power and confidence. The determination and dedication of sports personalities can be seen throughout the videos. It shows no matter when things will get back to normal but as soon as it does our sports personalities will be ready for any challenges.

Have to become the person you were dreaming of for years? If no, this is the perfect time to start practicing and improving. Watch the videos mentioned above and get inspired because the clock is ticking and it doesn't wait.

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