Karan Kapoor: Consistency is the Actual Hardwork

“Staying fit and dedicated comes from within”, says Karan Kapoor, whose transformation story can encourage people to get fit. With his hard work, he proved that people can achieve their fitness goals if they consistently work for it.

Karan Kapoor: Consistency is the Actual Hardwork

Karan Kapoor from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, made himself a fitness model, men’s physique athlete and a social media fitness influencer as well as a face of many brands. Karan was self-motivated to become fit as he was a fat kid in his childhood. And later, he saw many athletes in Bollywood but he was very much inspired by Vidyut Jammwal Sir.

Karan’s transformation journey is very inspiring because he remained dedicated towards his goal until he attained it. His dedication is an example because in today’s world it is hard to find people who are self-motivated and continuously strive to achieve something. Especially, when it comes to fitness, people have to work extremely hard to keep themselves completely healthy. And Karan’s transformation is definitely an inspiration for all those who are striving to become fit.

Karan is a BSc (bio) Graduate from CSJMU Kanpur University. He has worked really hard to make himself fit. In the field of fitness, he has lots of professional achievements so far. Following is a list of his achievements:

  • Titled Mr Asia (top 10) (2019) (NBBUI)
  • Mr North India (top 5) 2019-20 (IBBF)
  • Mr Delhi 2nd place 2019-2020 (DBBFA)
  • Mr Punjab Title Winer overall 2020 (IBBF)
  • Mr Up Title Winner overall 2017

With regard to challenges faced in his fitness journey, Karan says, “The toughest challenge I faced is that it was tough for my own body to get shredded because I was a fat kid and have a tendency to gain fat. So, I take considerably more time to get shredded and lean.”

As he shares his daily workout routine he says that he does high intensity cardio and two muscle groups in a day (morning and evening).

“My basic diet is actually home-made food and a high protein diet as I eat egg whites and boil chicken with brown rice and brown bread and lots of green vegetables as well.”He quips about his diet.

With regards to time management to stay fit Karan says, “Staying fit and dedicated comes from within. One has to decide whether to go out and party or go to the gym and make oneself fit and healthy. It is just a matter of self-made decisions.”

In his message to the people who want to transform, Karan says, “The one thing I want to say is that anyone can do anything in this world from transformation for going to the next levels ahead. Just keep believing in yourself, keep going and never quit. That’s it. Consistency is the actual hardwork and people need to understand that it is the only key to success as well.”

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