Kal Dosanjh: Fitness is the Ultimate form of Meditation!

Meet a multi-tasking professional spy with a social mission and hell of an inspiring fitness level! His personality oozes triumph.

Kal Dosanjh: Fitness is the Ultimate form of Meditation!

Kal Dosanjh has been a police officer with his respective police department for over 23 years now. He is currently a detective in the financial crime unit. He is also the CEO of KidsPlay Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to keeping youth away from a lifestyle of drugs, gangs and crime. Here's what we discovered in an interview with this versatile and responsible citizen plus a fitness lover.

Kal Dosanjh is a rare combination of social responsibility, and personal health goals. No, he is not an athlete, or a fitness professional to be this committed to his fitness, he is just conscious enough and may be this is the reason he deems fitness as the ultimate form of meditation!

As a detective and CEO of KidsPlay, he is able to pursue his passions of wearing a uniform and helping the community at the same time. And what keeps him going? Well, of course, his fitness goals! No wonder he has been training consistently for over 25 years.

He believes that sticking to only one routine can stagnate your growth. To maximize result and optimize higher performance, training, rest and eating is extremely important.

When asked about his inspiration, he replied that he had been a sports player since he was young so sports always had his heart. However, his uncles used to do bodybuilding and powerlifting, and they encouraged him to do the same. Still, he fondly admits that his biggest motivation in life remain his children.

Managing different professional and social responsibilities and juggling with a busy family life demands a lot of dedication itself and then being consistent at your fitness routine becomes a task. On this he emphasizes on planning ahead and incorporating time management in your daily life. Without the same, you cannot achieve anything in life, let alone fitness.

To note the role of fitness in his life, one has to observe the same discipline he has brought to his life and profession because fitness has become an innate part of his personality. Today’s youth have a lot to learn from exemplary people like him, and saying no to drug is perhaps the stepping stone to it and then summit is to build a fit and fulfilling lifestyle for yourself. Success shall follow.

Here are some interesting and useful facts about Kal Dosanjh’s and his fitness:

Basic weekly workout schedule

  • Monday - Chest
  • Tuesday - Back
  • Wednesday - Shoulders
  • Thursday - Arms
  • Friday - Chest
  • Saturday - Rest
  • Sunday - Legs

Your basic diet

Low Carb, High protein

Favourite cheat meal


Your message for the youth

Anything is possible if you devote yourself to an ideal!

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