Just a Gym Goer to IFBB Pro: Rutuja Hegshetye Carved her Destiny!

Watch this one to one, up and close session with IFBB Pro Rutuja Hegshetye! It took hell lot of determination, passion and sweat to achieve her goal of winning IFBB Pro. Her dream is to be like Miss Bikini Olympia someday on an international stage! She looks forward to inspire people with her journey.

It has been a candid session with Rutuja, where she opened up with her story. From the fact, how she was bitten by the fitness bug and how her brother supported her in achieving her dreams throughout. She was studying and then she was regularly working on herself for her future in this sport. She is an architect by profession and not many people know that. There was a time she was left on her own and she had to arrange for her own finances.

This came as a major challenge to not only earn but to accumulate funds for her preparations to make it big on the stage. She overcame this with determination and in the process, matured more into the sport as well in person. She became more responsible towards her life and rest is history.

It has been a struggle for many bodybuilding athletes and bikini athletes to arrange finances to meet the demands of this sport. You have to take care of your diet, your nutrition, take supplements, take expert advice, take professional bodybuilding training and nothing comes for free. You cannot achieve your dreams just by going to gym daily. When Rutuja was advised by a friend that she must go for professional bodybuilding sport and not only take it as a hobby, she didn’t know the delving deep into it will become challenging at some point.

But now when she didn’t stop and became and IFBB Pro, everything seems worth it! She has got the boost to take it even further in the coming times. Last year in 2019, she won this coveted title and ever since, she has been the kind of sportsperson, other women in this industry are looking upto. Not only this, this sport brought her laurels and respect together especially among her close ones. Watch one to one, up close and personal with Rutuja at bodyandstrength.com to know all about making of an IFBB Pro – Rutuja Hegshetye!

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