Journey of Jerai Classic 2017-18 Winner: Rajesh Goswami

I believe in hardwork because hardwork has no substitute. If you want to reach somewhere you need one thing that is desperation. Be desperate for your dreams and goals!

I am Rajesh Goswami, a 30 year-old from Noida. I am a bodybuilder and fitness model. I have represented India at IFBB international stage.

I was desperate for my goal that desperation brought me here no matter how many obstacles came.

The biggest hardship was for me when I was preparing for Jerai classic 2017, I got viral ‘Chikungunya’ that made me very weak and sick. I was hospitalized 3 times in a month that was the most difficult time for me. I was not even able to stand on my own feet, I was dependent on others for physical activities/body movement.

My lifestyle is very simple and discipline. I believe in hardwork because hardwork has no substitute.

I was on liquid diet that was not possible for a person who prefers hard core diet. Recovering was not easy because of improper diet and workout.

My coach contributed a lot in my recovery and training because I was not mentally and physically prepared for the training, I needed a motivation that came from my coach.

At an early stage of recovery, I was not even able to lift 2 kg weight but after lots of effort and guidance I started getting back to my physique and strength.

Athletes who are living in the rural areas cannot afford the diet which consists of brown rice, broccoli, etc. They prefer simple and raw elements in the diet.

So, my coach is from the rural area who guided me to take the diet which consists of simple elements like apple, rice, fish, roti, chicken, green vegetables, etc.

My workout routine is divided into two segments small and large; I train my small muscles in the morning large muscles in the evening.  I do cardio in the morning and muscles training in the evening. But before competition days, my coach can tell me to run at 2 am it should not be shocking because he believes that willpower is more important than any other thing.

I believe if you have willpower and dedication you do not need any supplement. Hard work along with raw diet can lead you to a next level of achievements.

I have faced the most difficult part when I couldn’t even able to lift 2 kg but my will power and positive attitude forced /pushed me to lift heavy weights. I came up from all of my fears and insecurities that I have regarding my physique and capabilities.

In the last I want to say one thing to the young athletes that do not let other things defocused you stay positive and uplift your inner strength and outer strength. If you will be dedicated and will have that desperation then definitely you will reach somewhere in your life.


  • Mr UP 2017
  • Mr India 2018
  • Jerai Classic 2017-18
  • Muscle Mania 2018

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