Journey of IFBB Pro Annabel DaSilva

Annabel is beauty on-stage and off-stage. Her foray into bodybuilding industry was more out of passion than ambition. IFBB Pro Annabel DaSilva is a name to reckon with in fitness and bodybuilding industry. Watch Journey of IFBB Pro Annabel DaSilva (Episode-3 of Making an IFBB Pro – The Series) to know the untold story of her journey.

Annabel goes candid and shares her journey till now into the bodybuilding and fitness industry. She started modeling at the age of 15 and had signed several modeling contracts by the time she was 17. She came to India because of modeling only. Meanwhile, she came across a Instagram accounts which showcased women competing and winning on bodybuilding bikini and figure championships. She was instantly attracted to this prospect and decided that she will be doing this.

Her journey here took the crucial turn as her resolution to beat the stage became stronger and stronger, as more and more people almost trashed her dream and called it an almost impossible prospect for her to achieve and it was crazy to even think that way.

Journey of IFBB Pro Annabel DaSilva reveals how she overcame the challenges of being focused to her dream, not matter what people said, what temptations came her way, what happened in the world. She goes on to say that staying focused is the major challenge, staying consistent without getting bothered or affected by anything which doesn’t have anything to do with your goal or journey is not worth your time and energy, if at all you have a goal.

Annabel’s journey so far has brought her the laurel of being an IFBB Pro but she is determined to not to let it get on her head and not to stop here. Her passion has now generated an ambition to win Miss Olympia Bikini and she is prepping herself to hit it right in the year 2020! She says that for her standing on stage and winning among other IFBB Pros is more of an achievement but of course, becoming IFBB Pro is the stepping stone towards this goal.

In this episode – Journey of IFBB Pro Annabel DaSilva of The Series – Making of an IFBB Pro, you will come to know what it takes other than just working hard, sweating it out, having right nutrition and supplementation. As Annabel puts it, all the aspiring bikini girls on stage need to practice their posing every day and every time in the day. The more your learn how to pose it to nail it, more are the chances of your winning. It mostly happens that despite working your guts out, cutting on fat, massing up the right muscles and having the perfect proportions you fail because you can’t showcase it in an impressive way on the stage! Hence, to this mantra should be taken and implemented by all the girls who look forward to make it big on the stage and brave the stage with their mettle.

Lessons of life come forward from Annabel’s IFBB Pro journey for all of us and we believe that this story keep having a new beginning at every stage win for Annabel DaSilva. As she says, that her journey to success has just began and this is not the end. We wish her all the best for her performance at the most coveted stage for Miss Olympia.

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