Journey of Anandita Mohan: Fought Fatal Depression & Transformed!

For physical transformation you need to transform your mind first as Anandita did!

I am Anandita Mohan, an 18 years old student from Delhi. My transformation story begins form the class 11th and now I’m in 12th.

Being a foodie I used to eat a lot of junk food, and I was gaining weight constantly but I decided to change not only my body and my mind too. I focused on understanding the importance of fit body, healthy eating. Now, I no longer have to worry about what to eat as my mind has understood well what is healthy and right for me.

During the transformation I have faced many challenges but major problem was to fight the self depression that I had because of bullies and humiliation, I was at my worst, I tried to hurt myself because of it and tried to cut my fat from nail cutter, I took bath in boiling water so that my fat melts and tried many more things which hurt me. But now I have a positive attitude towards everyone and everything. I know whatever happens, happens for a good cause. So all we need to do is stay happy, positive and calm.

I decided to transform when I was trying to overcoming from depression and getting my confidence back and I stared loving myself. Useless bag of weight, it was a time when I decided that no it’s enough I have to be fit not for anyone else but for myself. I joined gym and from then till now I am getting everything back.

Basic work out includes high cardio, stretching and off course heavy weight training my focus is on legs and abs, arms, shoulders and each and every muscle. I do cross fit too.

My basic diet includes high amount of protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates. I prefer eating oatmeal, chicken, peanut butter, lots of fruits and vegetable salad, soya etc. I also drink a lot of water which helps in keeping my body hydrated as well as helps in better absorption of nutrition coming from my meals.

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