Jobs and Career Growth in Indian Fitness Industry by Dr. Chirag Sethi

DrChiragSethi throws the light on the most sensitive topic among the fitness enthusiasts and he explains what career option you can have in the fitness industry. He breaks the myths of no jobs or low job options in the fitness industry!

Dr. Chirag Sethi, Founder and Managing Director of Classic Fitness Academy, tells about the job and career scope in Indian Fitness Industry. People have a notion that there are no jobs in Indian Fitness Industry and there is no earning potential when you decide to make a career in it. Dr. Chirag Sethi throws light on this subject and clears the cobwebs of prejudices regarding this industry by letting people know about what all you can do as a part of the Fitness Industry and he also tells that there is a lot of earning potential. He gave examples of young individuals of 22 or 23 years of age earning lacs of rupees every month! But all of this starts only when you start right in this industry and that is by studying and gaining a certificate from a reputed fitness academy.

He informed that as you graduate with a fitness course and earn a certificate, you can work in this industry as a Fitness or Floor Trainer, Personal Trainer or Group Ex Trainer; depending upon the type of certification you have done. After a Floor Trainer you can become a Personal Trainer which is a level up. A Floor Trainer does an 8 hours shift and is hired against monthly salary by gyms and fitness studios/clubs. The salary ranges from 12k to 20k per month.

A Personal Trainer is generally hired on freelance basis where he is paid a commission of 30% to 50% out of the fee paid by the client and rest of it is shared by the gym/fitness club. There is no limit to what a good Personal Trainer can earn, he claims that you can earn in lacs per month as he knows a young Personal Trainer of only 22 years of age who is already getting 1 lac a month. A Personal Trainer enjoys this status as his job is to guide his client on every step of his fitness journey, standing on his/her head in all the workouts.

When you step up further you can be a Gym Manager or Fitness Club Manager who is responsible for sales, equipment and all the concerned departments of a gym. Again these managers have a potential of earning in lacs per month. A step further comes Franchise Manager, who again has to be a person who has an experience in the industry and can smoothly run the gym franchise business on the basis of that. He gave an example of one of such managers who is hired by a club in China is earning $4000 per month which is close to INR 3 lacs in India at an age of 23! So, he breaks the myth of no jobs or low income jobs in this industry.

Fitness Industry has got a great scope in terms of jobs and career, which is expanding day by day because of the rise in lifestyle related illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity among Indian population these and for that matter in the world. Due to the advent of fitness apps, digitalization of fitness information and gadgets, the innovative job avenues in fitness have come up which will rise with time. Fitness industry in itself is expanding exponentially and no expansion is done without employment of human resource. There is a demand of certified and well-trained fitness professionals in every field here.   

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