Jitendra Chouksey: From an Athlete to a Fitness Entrepreneur

The title holder of ‘The Idol of the New’ is on the mission to change the way wellness and fitness is seen in the world.

Jitendra Chouksey: From an Athlete to a Fitness Entrepreneur

I am Jitendra Chouksey, founder of SQUATS (Systematic Quantitative Unified Aesthetic Training System), an online community on Facebook which has turned into a revolutionary fitness system. On a mission to change the way fitness & wellness is seen in the world, from engineer turned entrepreneur I have been featured in popular health magazines and been called The Idol of the New. I think sometimes your personality is what makes you stand out in a particular field, and sometimes it’s the field that moulds your personality in a particular manner. For me, I think my personality changed because I got into entrepreneurship, and not the other way around. I was never this guy, but when I started SQUATS,I realized that it’s changing me from inside out. So while personality plays an important role, you don’t need to have a particular personality when you start things. It can just develop and you won’t even realize. As long as you keep doing the right things, you become the person you need to be.

Quick Stats:

  • Age: 31 (11-11-1986)
  • Height: 175.5 cm
  • Weight: 75kg

1. My Lifestyle

I was fat as a kid, and was teased very often due to my weight. A friend suggested to join a gym to lose weight. Instead of losing weight I got interested in lifting and since then I am in love with it. Now, I’m mixing good old fashioned volume training as well as the more recent light weights baby approach for optimum hypertrophy.

2. My professional career (from an athlete to an entrepreneur )

From competing in Muscle mania,training to pursuing sports nutrition from ISSA, I thought myself as a nutrition coach, and not a heavy duty guy. The idea of SQUATS was basically a WhatsApp group with few people.The journey gets more exciting. That’s the main reason that social media has become so big, and even the reason for SQUATS growing so much. Previously it was just me and others from different parts of the world talking to people, but now all have come together and formed a community. It’s an amazing feeling because all are helping each other, and got each others’ backs.

3. The most difficult part (challenges) during this phase

One of the basic challenges that I faced was to maintain my workout with my office timings. As I worked with an IT company, extended work hours was a routine. It used to be tiring to go to gym and yet have time to spend with family.

Also I believe nutrition is the key to maintain a good diet which was next to impossible.

Another challenge was to know what exactly is right for my body.

4. How did I manage my routine from workout to office, especially, meals?

Honestly, it was around 2013 office stress and managing house budget had deteriorated my condition. I was not able to go to the gym for almost a year, resulting in my muscle mass getting lost while the fat took a leap forward. However, in November 2013, after changing my stressful job, I started going back to gym again. I weighed around 84kgs with a body fat of around 16%. This was the time Krish-3 was being promoted in India and there were posters of Hrithik Roshan in every nook and corner. Aesthetics were in! I too wanted to get that chiselled look and beach body. I was around 73 kgs now, so I lost a total of 11kgs, which for most people would be amazing. But for me, it was complete a disappointment! I was barely consuming 1500 calories a day! Anything I was eating was converted to fat, and that made me reduce my calories more and more to keep off that fat. All in all, it was a vicious cycle I was on, and my physical condition and metabolism kept declining until I came across this article that changed my entire perspective. Since thenNutrition is the king. It doesn’t matter what diet I follow, whatever it is, I make sure I stick to it. My supplements include just the 4 things:

  • Creatine monohydrate
  • L-Glutamine
  • Whey protein
  • A good BCAA

5. My basic workout schedule

I don’t do cardio, hate it to be honest. HIIT is kickass and it’s fun sometimes, but steady state is a big no for me.

6. My basic diet

Here’s what I mostly eat:
I use eggs as my staple for protein, brown rice, oats for carbs, nuts and flaxseeds for fats. Keep the staple the same and you have the flexibility to play around.

1 Scoop Protein Shake
121 cals 25gm protein 3 gm carbs
1 gm fat
5 Whole Eggs
1 Bowl Spinach 150gm Mct Oil 1Tbspn Fat Free Curd 100gm
350+80+130+40 = 600 cals 30gm protein, 15gm carbs, 45gm fat
AROUND 8PM POST WORKOUT 2 Scoops Protein 242 cals 50gm protein, 6gm carbs 2gm fat
1 Bowl Spinach 150gm Mct Oil 1Tbspn Fat Free Curd 100gm
Brown Rice 30gms
80+130+40+150cals = 400 cals Around 45gm carbs, 20gm fat,
5gms protein
200Gms Boiled Chicken(Breast) 6 Scrambled Eggs
220+102 =322 cals 60gm protein, 5gm fat
1 AM Sleep    
TOTAL 1685 cals 170gms protein, 69gms carbs, 73gm fat

7. About the company - what does SQUATS do?

SQUATS is engaged in the business of providing online and offline fitness consultation to individuals/corporate in India and abroad. SQUATS is one of the pioneers in the fitness & wellness industry in India. With 125 certified nutrition & wellness experts on the fitness platform, 7 different business verticals and a massive community of over 4,50,000 people, our mission is to make 50 million people fit, 3.5 lacs of which we’ve already achieved in a span of just 2 years.

8. My future vision for the company

Currently, SQUATS is one of the top-rated fitness and wellness companies spreading across different states. Gently succeeding, SQUATS alongside of INFS, started by same group of people has fixed two main challenges pertaining to the industry. One being the awareness aspect of it, both online-offline consultancy space and other is the training, coach certification. Furthermore, we envision fixing other quintessential problems and ensure building a solid infrastructure that redefines fitness ecosystem. For now, SQUATS is determined to make 50 million people fit and create 100,000 jobs in the fitness industry. Most important of all SQUATS is all set to show the world- how easy it is to stay fit!

9. My Team

The initial six members who stuck by me from the start- Bala, Nadir, Ekanki, Anupam, Akshay, and of course- Rohit, who is also the CEO of SQUATS, and the directors- Sonal and Jyoti. We are five directors, and we’ve all taken SQUATS to a different level and do so every single day. I’m the guy who goes by his gut, but they are the brains behind it.

10. Message to the Nation

Well, don’t try to achieve anything, just do things. I was not really looking for success, I was happy with my IT job. Sometimes you find things the best when you’re not looking for them. I wasn’t looking for success, maybe that’s why I found it. The intent should be right, and success will find you. Have a good intent and try to find solutions. Entrepreneurship is all about solutions. No matter how big or small the problems are.

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