Jiten Marke got Motivated by God of Bodybuilding

It doesn’t matter how many difficulties came in my path? But I always wanted to make my mark in the industry. It takes a lot of efforts to do something out of the box.

Jiten Marke got Motivated by God of Bodybuilding

I am Jiten Yeshwant Marke, a 27-year-old from Thane, Badlapur. I am an engineer but I followed my passion of bodybuilding. I belong to a middle class family where everyone start and end up with job or small scale business. I was the only one who never thought of being into this profession because I don’t want to live my life as an underdog; I wanted to do something out of the box, so I decided to work hard and made my mark in the fitness industry.

Everything was new for me when I started to go to gym during my final year of engineering. I used to see only one picture everywhere, everyday that was of God of Bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the starting days of my gym I faced lots of difficulties because I was very skinny and it was very hard for me to be in gym with the tough and muscular guys. After that I get to know the importance of proteins, nutrition and supplements in the bodybuilding. So for the same, I started to get the knowledge of fitness industry and know all about nutrition with interest.

My dad supported me and asked me, “Why don’t you join some academy so that you can get more information, in depth?”

With my Engineering, I started studying Human Anatomy and various other things related to Gym.

I was working on myself for 8 years. During that period of time, I left many jobs as I was not able to get rest and my meals on time.

Then I started working as a freelancer trainer and from here my journey as a trainer began. While training people in the gym, I learnt many things about fitness.


In 2017, my vision was clear to be in the league and I wanted to start my journey of bodybuilding from where my idol started to compete. Hence, I chose IFBB Pro league to compete and represent India.  For that I transformed myself and brought the best out of me.

My first competition and achievement was Amateur Olympia 2017 where I got 4th position. Then I competed in Mr Asia 2018, in which I got bronze medal and I earned Amateur Olympia Pro Card on October 14, 2018. So, this is how my journey to Mr. Olympia has started.

Difficult part of my journey were the expenses as I belong to a middle class family so to maintain these expenses I had to do work till late nights and because of hectic work hours, I used to manage my workout time when gym was empty at nights. Now I do my basic workout in afternoon and cardio in the evening.

My diet plan is normal as other athletes have but maintenance of diet plan is not an easy task but somehow I manage. My diet includes eggs, chicken, mutton and fish occasionally and the basic diet consists of Protein- 220gm, Carbs 500gm, and Fats 150gm. My metabolism is fast so I need to consume 4000 to 5000 calories a day to maintain my form and I highly recommend the same to my client who are hard-gainers like me.

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