It is NOT Just Eat, Lift, Sleep and Repeat! - Mudassir Habib Patel

It is not a simple task to choose a demanding sport like bodybuilding. Especially when you start off like Mudassir, being a weakling with no immunity, fighting of asthma and tuberculosis. In this athlete coverage, he reveals how he became a successful bodybuilder!

It is NOT Just Eat, Lift, Sleep and Repeat! - Mudassir Habib Patel

I am Mudassir Habib Patel, a 30 year-old from Maharashtra. I am a bodybuilder. I have certifications in personal training, weight management, financial training, as well as dietitian and nutritionist.

The life of an athlete is not as simple as Eat, Lift, Sleep, and Repeat. It is much more than that. I work from 6 am to 12 pm, so I have to wake up early in the morning. I workout between my working hours from 6 pm to 7 pm. Apart from my job, I also provide online training and counselling in diet planning and workout programming. 

It is very difficult to manage your time as an athlete because I have to manage my training along with my job and personal responsibilities. But with the support of my family I somehow manage my routine.

I have faced many difficulties in my life as I was born as a premature baby. So, I used to fall sick every day. Since the early stage of my life I was suffering from diseases like asthma and tuberculosis in my childhood. I was severely underweight so my father thought that exercises and physical activities will help me to improve my health and then he introduced me to the gym.

When I saw gym for the first time, the first word that came into my mind was ‘Impossible’. But with the passage of time, I found that it’s my passion and then I decided to transform. It only helped me in transformation but also helped me to recover from the diseases. My transformation happened in many years but once I found my better rhythm, I started to compete in the bodybuilding competitions.


  • Gold medal in Men’s Fitness All India Championship 2017
  • Fit Factor in 2018
  • Gold Medal in Men’s Physique and Fitness Model category 2018
  • Jerai Classic Grand Pro, Mumbai 2018
  • Winner of Pro Champion of Champions
  • Gold Medal in Men’s Physique 2019
  • Title Winner of all India Championship 2019

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