Is Your Pre-Workout Safe?

Does consuming pre workout drinks in excess cause various health related issues which we experience later in our lives? Read out the facts that are given by Dr.Hitanshu Sharma.

Is Your Pre-Workout Safe?

Now days it has become a trend to hit the gym after consuming pre-workouts.

Yes it is true that the preworkouts gives us a sudden energy boost by releasing certain hormones in our body which are meant to be released during fight and flight situations.

But consuming preworkouts in excess can cause various health Related issues which we experience later in our lives.

Inside our human body there are two organs is known as kidneys.Above kidneys we have two small glands known as adrenal glands or our suprarenal glands.These glands are basically involved in giving us hype after consuming pre-workout

The inner part of these glands is known as medulla, this medulla releases Epinephrine and norepinephrine also known as Adrenaline and nor adrenaline hormones.These hormones are basically involved in fight and flight situations. That is when we are in danger or those situations which involves quick response.

By consuming pre-workout we are artificially signaling our adrenal glands to release these hormones which results in heavy weight lifting and less fatigue in gym workouts.But the problem doesn’t start here. These pre-workout are basically habit forming drugs.

For example if you were getting a particular hype in one scoop of your pre-workout after sometime you will get the same response in two scoops and then three and then four.

This leads to a situation known as adrenal fatigue and excess quantities of these pre-workout may also cause cancer. If this cancer is occurring inside the gland it is known as pheochromocytoma.

But if this cancer occurs around our adrenal gland it is called paraganglioma which leads to flank pain near your kidneys?

Few other long-term complications have been reported in individuals such as obesity, Permanent increase of BP known as high Blood Pressure, Palpitations, Excess sweating, Anxiety, Headache.

Two constituents in the pre-workout are Niacin and beta alanine. Are known to cause excessive itching by activating certain skin the receptors?

Therefore it is advised to use these performance enhancing pre-workouts in a cycling manner and under proper guidance, do not consume these products with any other product containing caffeine or other Ingredients that have non-stimulant effects.Do not consume this product if you are pregnant or expect to become pregnant.Do not consume this if you are being treated for heart, liver, kidney or thyroid diseases,seizure disorders, psychiatric diseases,diabetes.

One should consult a doctor if they experience any adverse reaction to these products.

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