Is Weightlifting Beneficial For Women?

While there are several fitness programs marketed to women that emphasize the significance of cardio for weight loss, strength training i.e. weightlifting is more beneficial for overall health.

Is Weightlifting Beneficial For Women?

Strength training is essential to long-term wellness. Experts always recommend women participate in both cardio and weightlifting regularly. Weightlifting is frequently thought of as a men’s fitness regimen, but the benefits are incredible for women as well!

Helps With Weight Loss – Contrary to common conviction, weightlifting can help with weight loss. Like cardio, weightlifting burns calories, which can help you to achieve a caloric shortage. Strength training moreover increases excess post-oxygen consumption (EPOC), which happens when the body continues to burn excess calories for hours after the workout.

Increases Bone Density – Bone density declines as women age, especially following menopause. Weight-bearing exercise puts stress on the bones — not too much stress, but enough to cause the bone to strengthen. This can prevent osteoporosis, which affects 10 million Americans. Women are particularly prone to osteoporosis as they age, so it’s even more important for aging women.

Increases Muscle MassMuscle is essential to human movement, so maintaining muscle mass as you age can help prevent injury, improve range of motion and help in everyday capacities like strolling up the stairs. Whereas some women fear that weightlifting will make them look “manly,” it won’t cause you to bulk up. It'll simply increase muscle mass and improve body composition.

Increases Energy -Workout causes the body to discharge endorphins, which boost temperament and energy. In any case, long bouts of cardiovascular workout can exhaust the body’s energy stores. Weightlifting, on the other hand, can be completed in 30 to 60 minutes, leaving you with more energy to control through the day.

Better Sleep– Recent researches have shown those who take part in resistance training involvement experience better, continuous rest. Improved sleep can help keep your wellness in alignment, particularly as you age.

Lowers Stress LevelsCardio workout has been a well-known source of stretch relief for decades. However, research shows resistance training can help with stress reduction. Women are more likely to report physical symptoms of stress than men, such as headaches and upset stomachs. Stress reduction can not only improve your mental state but moreover your physical fitness.

Keep Your Heart Healthy –Heart disease is the driving cause of death for women. Exercising routinely can diminish the chance of heart illness in women. Weightlifting exercises at least two days per week can keep your heart fit and healthy.

Better Strength – Women need strength to urge through the day. Whether it’s a long day at the office, carrying children around, cutting the grass, or all of the above, you need functional strength to achieve everything that needs to get done in a day. Weightlifting improves strength in key areas like the legs, lower back, core, and upper body.

Boosts Confidence – It’s no secret that the media has a lot of opinions on what the female body ought to see. Whereas numerous cardio fitness regimens focus on aesthetic goals, weightlifting focuses on functional goals, such as increasing weight or speed.

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