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Is Walking to Lose Weight a Bad Idea ? - Paul Lewis

Can walking be categorized as an exercise? Do you know that human body is made to walk and walking is just a part of its locomotion. It is just that we don’t even walk 100 miles a day, we consider it an exercise! This article will take a dig into the benefits of functional rehab exercises.

Is Walking to Lose Weight a Bad Idea ? - Paul Lewis

A human body is meant to walk 100 miles a day, which is approximately 160km a day. It's made to run, hunt, climb and be active and agile. If you are walking a few kilometers daily and thinking you've done your "exercise", then you are wrong! Walking is only a part of human locomotion.

It is Time to Re-think and Re-plan your Fitness Routine

A well-balanced fitness life style consists of a healthy diet, proper sleep and functional exercises. Being in an obese or overweight category would give invitation to metabolic dysfunctions - heart diseases, cancer, stroke, diabetes, increased body weight.

Get into Functional Rehab

Functional rehab exercises lessen the impact of disabling conditions that come with age and improve the quality of life.

If you have got no time for gym or the circumstances do not allow you then take your fitness outdoors.

Outdoors add different dimensions to one’s health and fitness. It's about reviving and feeling more alive.

  • You will love the barefoot trainings on the green grass floors of nature
  • Experience loaded movement training with ViPR and flow with nature's rhythm
  • Get ready for a killer core workout with TRX suspended on a tree
  • Have fun with Dynamax 3D ball amidst the blowing breeze
  • Also you can experience body weight exercises with the latest fitness trends like Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT), Sprint Interval Training, TABATA, The ZUU, Animal Flow, Primitive Functional Movement etc.

Nature supports you in taking good care of your body. It motivates your mind through its freshness and soothes your senses, making them focus on your well being even more. So it is time you make it your workout ground.

Why green exercise?

Green Exercise provides an ideal training environment for achieving your fitness goals with the most innovative equipments and the latest fitness trends.
Get fit from home, office or any place of your choice.

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