Iram's Transformation for a Strong Change!

People start accepting their body, they are proud of it which is good! But at the same time, being fit enough to live a life of your dreams matters. Iram’s story lets you know what gift right knowledge can bring you. You can make yourself and others fit alike!

Iram's Transformation for a Strong Change!

I am Iram Zaidi, a 26-year-old Biotechnologist as well as NESTA certified Sports nutritionist from Bangalore. Also widely known as Mindset/Health & Wellbeing Coach and the curator for Stevia.

My articles have been published in Hindustan times, Times of India, The Health blog, etc.

Like they say – ‘In order to understand the depth of the subject one needs to study it oneself’. Same way, I myself have been a PCOS and obesity survivor. Fought my way through and now helping individuals all around the world to get Fit. Also have delivered talks and held seminars in companies like Vodafone India, Fossil, EduSports, etc. I am well versed when it comes to Public Speaking & General well-being. Apart from general well-being my clientele also consists of people from medical backgrounds such as diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, PCOD, High BP, Obesity, arthritis, etc based in countries like, USA, UK, Australia, Amsterdam, Canada, Dubai, Qatar and other countries.

Life is tough! So was mine...My journey was never a walk in the park. It started after my Intermediate board exams when I realised it's high time to wake up from my deep slumber as i was sick of being body shamed, "called names- baby hippo, rhino, fatty, etc… ", which back then had become my nickname. I decided then that there must be change. I started to work towards transforming into a BETTER ME and hence, learnt  more about core & strengthening, understood basics, got certified in Sports nutrition and now here I'm A NEW ME, a proud and transformed ME!

The most difficult part of my journey or anyone’s journey is the impatience and hollow desire for quick results, it is with everyone most of the times so much so that don’t realise what damage it would do to them later in life. Because of this people get trapped under ‘fad diets’ due to which they keep going round and round in the vicious circle of fat loss and many companies inspite of knowing all the above just care about mining money and spoiling the health of these people in long run. Luckily, I first gained knowledge and came over my notion of getting quick results. I was consistent and patient with my efforts throughout. Despite a hectic schedule, I started off with my journey when I was 85-87 kg and now am 60 kg. I was 20 years old then and now I am 28 years old. My body fat percentage was 35% earlier and now it is 20%.

Managing time has been a challenge too but I came to learn it with time and it was not an immediate at hand skill-set of mine. I learnt to manage my time setting my priorities in place for the day.

Basic Workout Schedule

It keeps varying as per my need and requirement but I prefer a mix of both strength training and a bit of HIIT. While HIIT helps in maintaining and losing excess fat, it has its other health benefits. Strength Training is a must to pump up your muscles, gain strength and tone your body. 

Basic Diet

Again that depends on my goal, nothing is fixed. But I would say I usually follow what I preach to my clients and it includes "Sustainable Diet and Lifestyle" - a routine that doesn't leave me lifeless, starved, also is easy to maintain, could follow in a long run and definitely budget friendly as well! For making that routine, you need to know your body well.


  • One and only female contender at Fit-Factor fitness model - Chennai 2014
  • Transformed over 1000+ people so far
  • Featured in "Be Bold People" magazine
  • "Best Coach Of the Month" award by FitMag Magazine
  • Piloted and conducted webinars 
  • Performed instructional workout videos 
  • Nutritionist for Supplement brand in india
  • Work as a freelancer nutrition consultant and speaker for Sports organisation- EduSports
  • Own an online website- an online health and fitness platform
  • Workshop- senior citizen of Salarpuria society- Bangalore- Feb 2017
  • Conducted seminar, Vodafone India Pvt. Ltd on Health and Wellbeing- Chennai- Jan 2018
  • Conducted sessions on "personality development and confidence building through fitness" Bangalore boot camps - March 2018
  • Conducted a seminar on "Quantified nutrition for women" - women's day- Fossil -Bangalore - 8th March 
  • Stevia ambassador
  • Many of my informative articles on health and fitness have been published in leading print and online media houses.  

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