Insurance Officer Turned Bodybuilder Praveen Malik's Success Story

Praveen Malik had a secured job in an insurance company but he is calling for bodybuilding changed his mind and he made a career in this field. Now he is a gym owner and a successfully competing athlete. Read further to read his Athlete Coverage.

Insurance Officer Turned Bodybuilder Praveen Malik's Success Story

I am Praveen Malik. I live in Palam, New Delhi. I was born and brought up here only. I belong to a middle class family. I am a bodybuilder, an ACSM certified Personal Trainer a sports nutritionist. It has been 10 years into fitness industry. Earlier I used to play Judo but then moved to bodybuilding.

I was in an insurance company doing a 9 to 5 desk job but bodybuilding was my calling. It was difficult to balance work and maintain the diet and workout session. I had to quit my job in order to pursue my passion for this sport. Eventually, bodybuilding became my full-time involvement. I opened 3 gyms in Palam where I am helping and inspiring others to get fit and also I continue my competing as a bodybuilder.  Hence, my career changed totally. Initially, it was very difficult to manage everything together but over the course of time things fell into place.

Like any other sport, bodybuilding is a very expensive game to pursue as it requires to take supplements, changes in daily diet, increase protein intake. It requires investment in terms participation fee and training fee for athletes apart from the consumables needed during the training. Hence, financial constraint is the limiting factor for this sport, especially, for the middle class people. Other than that consistency is the key factor in both workouts and diet plans.

I have been overall champion in Ironman of Delhi Bodybuilding championship in 2016 and this year, I participated in 6 championships in Delhi. Out of which I secured second rank in 4 competitions, got 1 bronze medal and was in top 5 in Shawn Ray India Classic.

My workout schedule goes as follows.  I do 2 body parts in the morning and after that I proceed with 20-25 minute cardio. I don’t do cardio before my workout. In my diet, I try to take proper protein according to my body weight. I take 2.5gm of protein per kg of my body weight. So normally, I eat 20-25 egg and twice grilled chicken 250gm and good fat is also there.

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