Inspiring Transformation of Maitri Halde

The water started flowing over the head for her and then she decided to join the gym. She couldn’t neglect her health anymore so she decided to transform herself.

Inspiring Transformation of Maitri Halde

I am Maitri, a 21 years old girl. I am working with an Educational Travel Company as a Marketing associate. I live in Mumbai.

My health started deteriorating and I was suffering from many illnesses because of obesity. This was the point where I couldn’t neglect my health anymore so I joined a gym.

I never thought that I would myself take focused approach towards improving my health and losing weight, even my family and especially, my father couldn’t believe, but now he is so proud of me. I was 83 kg, almost after 2 years, I came down to 53 kg.

With time, I had grown so fat that it had become difficult to find good clothes for myself. Every time I walked into a store and liked something, I was told that my size isn’t available. This frustrated me a lot, and what frustrated me more was the fact that I was sticking to the old unhealthy diet.

Fitness is not my profession but now I am passionate about going to gym and leading a fit-life.

Taking enough proteins wasn’t easy for me as I was a vegetarian. The most difficult part of my transformation was to start eating non-vegetarian food so that I don’t need to take any supplements for fulfilling my protein needs. After 18 months of hard work, I lost 30 kg.

 Since 2 years I have been training.

Basic workout schedule

  • Monday - Chest
  • Tuesday - Shoulder Triceps
  • Wednesday - Quads 
  • Thursday - Back biceps
  • Friday - Calf and Hamstrings
  • Saturday - Cardio or Functional Training

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