Injury Proof Your Workouts

Sprains can severely dent your progress towards your physique goals. Dr. Pallavi Aga tells you how to make your workouts injury-proof in this article and saves you the pain while not compromising on gains!

Injury Proof Your Workouts

It is imperative that we add movement to the human body. The human body is like a machine and we are not supposed to sit for a long time as that leads to muscular imbalances which can then cause back pain, hip pain, knee and even ankle pain. Movement in any form is important. Compound movement with added cardio in the form of exercise is the key to muscular and cardiovascular, yet usually any person who exercises lands up with some injury or the other which causes a loss of motivation.

Here are some tips and suggestions on staying injury free and enjoying the workouts to the maximum.

  • Warm up: A workout should never be done without a proper warm up. The word Prehab has become very important – basically meaning a training programme to be done to avoid injuries. Training cold muscles is never a good idea and the body’s core temperature has to rise in order to increase blood flow to the working muscles.The stretching should always to rapid and dynamic and it is not advisable to static stretch the cold muscles either.
  • Cross Train: The body gets into an adaptation mode very fast and gets used to a regimen and this will eventually lead to overuse of some muscles and also you will hit a plateau .Hence the level and the pattern of the workouts have to keep changing and you will not get bored either. It will also aid in fat burning and increasing the metabolism. For instance try long slow running with alternate days of HIIT workouts and weight training with some comfortable days of swimming. There will be immensebenefit to you well being too as your flexibility and endurance will increase. Make Yoga a part of your life too.
  • Do not over train: It is not always necessary to add a lot of training and one has to train smartly and in a focussed manner .Also always respect your body and your current fitness level. If the workout is suddenly increased and the body is not yet adapted ; that means a series of injuries which can lead to mental agony and physical pain  Be realistic about your training and focus on what you can do. "Too much, too soon" can be the number one reason why injuries occur. Gradually increase your time and the intensity of your workouts to prevent nasty nagging injuries.
  • Proper workout attire:Many a times I have had people saying as to why they should ‘waste money’ on good quality gym wear and shoes. This is never a waste, rather it is an investment for your health. Gym wear including sports bra and socks should be of the right material to prevent chaffing and other skin problems. Different shoe styles are a must whether doing weight training or cardio or HIIT or running. Improper shoes lead to a lot of heel and ankle issues which take a lot of recovery time.
  • Proper cool down: Cool down is mandatory and includes static stretching and long holds. If the muscles are not given an opportunity to cool down gently they will end up in a spasm which overtime will lead to a lot of stress and strain and eventually injuries.
  • Sleep and recovery: Proper rest and sleep is as important as the workout itself because the muscles grown strong and heal only when the body is rested.
  • Nutrition: Last but the most important is correct nutrition and optimizing carbs, proteins and fast because afterall the abs are built in the kitchen.

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