India's First Medal in Pro Bodybuilding Male Div to Junaid Kaliwala

Indian bodybuilding athletes are rocking the international stage these days. The recent news comes from New Zealand where Junaid Kaliwala landed 4th place and did the nation proud.

India's First Medal in Pro Bodybuilding Male Div to Junaid Kaliwala

IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala has set a new benchmark by bagging a rank at New Zealand Pro. Reportedly, there have been many IFBB Pro Bodybuilding and IFBB Pro Men’s Physique athletes in India who represent India on international stage. But so far, none of them could set this milestone to be placed in top 4 athletes on stage.

Junaid Kaliwala won 4th place at New Zealand Pro show which was held at Auckland, New Zealand on October 26, 2019. The day began well for the athlete as he hopefully looked forward to deliver his best but as it progressed, the day became one to be recorded in history for him. The announcement of him being in the top four, means that the bar has set up high for his own individual performance as well as all the other Indian athletes who aim to shine in the global shows.

Junaid gives all the credit to his coach George Farah and his fans for his much awaited victory. George Farah Aka The Guru has been a coach to world’s top bodybuilders and Hollywood stars like Dwyan Johnson, Kai Greene and Dextor Jackson etc. It is indeed a glorious moment for Junaid to be able to walk on the lines of the legends. Bodybuilding and fitness fraternity of India along with his fans wish him more successes of the kind in the near future. It is clearly his persistence that has paid off in the end, he has experimented with his approach and strategies in training to get this far with determination.

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    1.In this sport you do not represent any country, it is an individual sport. 2. Bhuwan Chauhan, a Indian citizen has already made an impact on International bodybuilding stage by being 1st Indian IFBB pro, 1 st Pro show winner and the 1st Indian in men's physique to be at Olympia stage. The writer of the article seems ignorant about the facts and sport.

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