Indian's Top 17 Fitness Youtubers

Here we ranked some of the top YouTubers based on their content, information, entertainment value and of course, the YouTube game changer called- subscribers!

Indian's Top 17 Fitness Youtubers

India’s Top 17 Fitness YouTubers – Fitness Isn’t Their Industry, It Is Their Expression!

Fitness Industry has evolved and the ways to propagate this idea into the mindsets have changed too. Technology and broadcast mediums have made it easier for people to sit at home get inspired and do instructed workouts without leaving their home! Thanks to the Fitness YouTubers of India, the nation is rocking it – the stories, messages, ideas, right information, myth busting facts, instructional workout, interviews, fat-loss, bodybuilding, MMA, Crossfit and what not – you name it and Indian Fitness YouTubers have all of them.

These YouTubers are not necessarily from the fitness industry, some of them are independent researchers, some of them are entrepreneurs, some of them are just fitness lovers, their YouTube channel is a way of expression and a medium through which they can share their knowledge. The content covers every nook and corner of the fitness industry. So these ‘star-making’ YouTubers must also come in-line for a competition. Why not?

There are many YouTube channels on fitness in India but has ranked some of them on the basis of their content’s information, instructional value, usefulness and entertainment value and of course, the YouTube game changers called – subscribers.

1. Rohit Khatri

  • Channel: Rohit Khatri Fitness
  • Subscribers: 2951843

Rohit Khatri runs fitness informational and instructional content YouTube channel named Rohit Khatri Fitness. The channel is very popular among the masses and the subscriber list is the testimony of channel’s reach and usefulness. Rohit Khatri describes himself as Sports Science Nutritionist.

2. Ranveer Allahabadia

  • Channel: BeerBiceps
  • Subscribers: 1752952

YouTube channel for everything from fashion to fitness to life coaching to motivational videos. Physical Fitness (Diet Plans, Home Workouts, Keto, Gym Workouts, Women's Fitness, Healthy recipes, Weight Loss Advice & Health Advice) OR Mental Fitness and now they also conduct Inspirational interviews.

3. Guru Mann

  • Channel: Gurumann Fitness
  • Subscribers: 1490955
  • Other Channels: Health & Fitness, Kids Health & Fitness

GuruMann Fitness is review channel is all about Health Product Reviews. You will see honest and unbiased reviews on different health products and also Guru Mann shares his experience about the products, whether these products work for you or not . The goal of this channel is to help you make an informed decision before buying any kind of health product.

Apart from this, Guru Mann as a fitness icon, shares targeted fitness programs with right information with the public on this channel. Overall, a very useful and informational channel for all the fitness lovers.

4. Jeet Selal

  • Channel: Jeet Selal Aesthetics
  • Subscribers: 1441209

The channel relays fitness instructional training related information. Jeet Selal introduces himself as a fitness trainer certified from fitness Australia and is a sports nutrition expert. The channel has quite a number of subscribers owing to the useful fitness related content.

5. Satish Kushwaha

  • Channel: Fitness Fighters
  • Subscribers: 1213929

This channel seems to be a team effort to provide a demonstrative workout program along with apt nutrition tips. Montu Maurya is the Fitness Model being featured whereas Harmeet Bhamrah is seen as the trainer as he is a certified Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist. Satish Kushwaha has tried to put up an engaging fitness channel by bringing them together for bodybuilding and fitness related information through videos.

6. Amit Panghal

  • Channel: Panghal Fitness
  • Subscribers: 1013150

Amit Panghal shares his bodybuilding techniques on his channel which includes several specific workouts and apart from that he creates entertaining content which is popular among the viewers.

7. Abhinav Mahajan

  • Channel: Abhinav Mahajan
  • Subscribers: 946846

Abhinav Mahajan is an ISSA Internationally Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist. Besides making Videos he provides Online Personal Training Internationally with Customized and Scientific Nutrition Plans and Workout Programs. His channel claims to present fitness related content and workouts based on scientific evidence and facts.

8. Gaurav Taneja

  • Channel: Fitmuscle TV
  • Subscribers: 899164
  • Other Channel: Flying Beasts

Gaurav holds a Bachelor's degree from IIT Kharagpur (2008), A certified Nutritionist, a professional Bodybuilder and an Aviator. Through his channel he relays all the necessary information on diet, supplementation, workouts and training gear.

9. Bhupender Dhawan

  • Channel: Training Tips By Dronacharya Bhupender Dhawan And Mr. India Mukesh Singh
  • Subscribers: 689845

Dronacharya Bhupender Dhawan is a well-known name in Indian Powerlifting Industry and has mentored many champions for India for international competitive platforms. His channel provides right workout and preparation related information.

10. Tarun Gill

  • Channel: Tarun Gill Fitness
  • Subscribers: 647444

Tarun Gill does interviews of fitness enthusiasts, athletes and icons and churns out inspirational content and we must say the titles are spicy enough to attract the viewers. It is different from other channels in the sense that it offers more of entertainment and hence, has become popular.

11. Vipin Yadav

  • Channel: Vipin Yadav
  • Subscribers: 324494

Vipin Yadav shares his workouts and training schedule with the public through this channel. It may sound personalized YouTube channel but seems to have benefitted a lot because it gives first hand information by the founder of bodybuilding and fitness programs.

12. Atul Kumar Verma

  • Channel: Fitness Rockers India
  • Subscribers: 315618

Fitness Rockers is India's fastest growing Fitness Channel for promoting fitness among Indians. Videos related to Fitness, Bodybuilding, supplements, workout, yoga, nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, home remedies, diet plans, fat loss, Supplement review, lose weight, gain muscle mass, diet all at one place.

13. Daman Singh

  • Channel: SikhsPack
  • Subscribers: 99956

Daman Singh health and fitness based articles in renowned newspaper and fitness magazines apart from providing people online consultations. The purpose of this channel is to promote Steroid free Muscle and Strength Building with equal importance on fitness and health with science backed videos.

14. Shreyas Kamath

  • Channel: Shreyas Kamath Fitness
  • Subscribers: 85460

Fitness Channel that provides researched backed information. No bull, just real fitness information. You will also find some funny stuff and some roasts.

15. Raghav Pande

  • Channel: Raghav Pande’s Xcell Fitness
  • Subscribers: 56803

Raghav Pande claims to show you the fastest tips to lose weight, lose belly fat and get six pack abs. All you need for his workouts is just a pair of dumbbells, free weights and you are all set to transform your body.

16. Nipun Agarwal

  • Channel: All About Fitness Stories
  • Subscribers: 44703

Nipun describes his channel as a special channel which features stories of inspiring young Indian bodybuilders. He makes it clear that his channel will not give you any ‘gyan’ or knowledge on diet and workout but will motivate you.

17. Akshay Chopra

  • Channel: We R Stupid
  • Subscribers: 4068

With the most satirical name ‘We R Stupid’ is a breakthrough channel where the videos are not only research based, but also supported by articles and ebooks. WRS will sometimes shock you to the very core, to accept the wrong, which you have been rightly following for so long. We R Stupid is the brain child of the legendary Akshay Chopra, who is an Ex-Indian Air Force Pilot and also, has authored many books on fitness. His channel has made it into this list owing to the well-researched, informative, instructional, useful, myth-busting and unique content.

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