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Indian Squash Player Janet Vidhi Shares her Fitness Mantra

Squash is a demanding sport when it comes to fitness because it requires agility, strength, power, concentration and intellect to work together and faster. Janet Vidhi slays it because of her fitness. She shares her fitness secret with us in this article.

Indian Squash Player Janet Vidhi Shares her Fitness Mantra

Janet Vidhi is an Indian Squash player who represents India in international tournaments. She turned professional in the year 2014. She is the ninth Indian woman in history to enter in Top 100 Ranking in the World. Her best world ranking till date is 88 and best India ranking is 3 (women). Not only this, she was conferred with ‘Young Achiever Sport’ India ASEAN Award in 2018.

Janet Vidhi a is 24-year-old Indian squash player from Delhi. She lives a very active lifestyle and enjoys a clean diet. In order to continue to scale new heights on the world rankings for her country, she places paramount importance to her health. For her, Squash is totally the best game in the world and she loves training every day. She believes in enjoying food she likes in moderation whilst maintaining a consistent workout schedule. Yoga has been a life changing addition to her daily routine.

When bodyandstrength.com asked her what has been the most challenging part for her, we received an interesting answer – “Taking up a sport professionally is one of the most challenging professions in India. I feel blessed to be able to inspire young girls.”

She manages her time deftly by putting her priorities first. “Your goals should be crystal clear and once that is in place you will find a way to manage your time.” She says. When we intrigued her, how often and when she had to transform as sports player, she said, “Transformation has been a continuous process for me, over the last 14 years, given that I have been playing squash. Sometimes, I needed major transformations and sometimes minor ones. Every time you try to take your game to the next level, transformation is required in multiple aspects. The idea of “unlearning” has been invaluable to my growth and I surely would not have reached where I am without it. The book ‘Unlearn before u learn’ by Kamekish is a good preview about this idea.”

Basic Workout Schedule

Basic Diet

Diet is a very important part of a squash player’s training and I pay a lot of attention to it. I am very specific about the kind of food I put into my body. I avoid any excessively processed food, refined sugar, fried food, etc. I eat home cooked food / ‘ghar ka khaana’ cooked in minimal oil. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the way to go, as they are more likely to be fresh and healthy.

I make sure to have a pre, during and post workout meal as my training sessions are long and brutal. I have found that I tend to perform better when I am not starving myself. So I make it a point to eat regularly and healthy.

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