India Shining in International Bodybuilding Shows!

An industry flourishes and is noticed on international level with the help of their representatives who perform consistently in their respective fields, who never give up and give their best! Our bodybuilding heroes are doing their best on stage internationally. It is time to read what all they have been through.

India Shining in International Bodybuilding Shows!

It is not an easy task to stand on international stage, being judged where you are still gaining exposure, learning and growing. Indian athletes struggle to represent India abroad, in all aspects – finances, hardwork and guidance. It takes double the effort which they would put here in India or regional contests. It takes more focus and of course, most of the times they shell out their own funds for their participations abroad but they never give up on their passion and wish to make a mark for themselves and for their nation on the world stage.

Let us know about some of the bodybuilding and men’s physique athletes who have been consistent and have done well on the international stage, acknowledge their determination and wish them all the luck!

1. Wahid Bamboowala

Wahid has been consistently representing India on international platforms. This year in July, he participated and won in Kay Greene Classic in Italy.  He will also be representing India in Iron Man Malaysia. He has recently, won a Silver in Amateur Olympia in London bringing laurels to the country. He has been Mr. Asia and looks forward to represent India once again Amateur Olympia in Japan next this year or at IHFF, Mumbai. He has been contributing international Golds and Silvers to India with his persistent hard work. and the nation wishes him all the very best to bring in more glory year after year.

2. IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala

India’s first IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala is a known name and very much sort after in the fitness industry. He has been consistently participating on the international level, representing India’s competitive face there. He has recently played Mexico Pro on October 5th and now, is preparing for New Zealand Pro under the special guidance of his coach George Farah Aka The Guru. He has been a coach to world’s top bodybuilders and Hollywood stars like Dwyan Johnson, Kai Greene and Dextor Jackson, etc. Reportedly, Junaid has been working really hard and contributed to the industry by consistently giving his best on the stage. Nation wishes him all the best for his future feats!

3. Mahender Singh Rajput

Mahender Singh Rajput has been participating on national and international level consistently. He has recently given his best body up and was placed 3rd in 70kg bodybuilding category in London Amateur Olympia. He plans to prep-up more for the forthcoming international contests keep representing India giving a tough competition to the world. We wish him all the best!  

4. Mahey Alam

Mahey Alam made a name for himself in India and abroad by putting up one of the best competition for others on the stage. Especially, recently, on October 5th in London Amateur Olympia where he was placed among top 10 in Men’s Physique category. He has earlier participated in Italy (Kai Greene Classic) in month of July where he landed a silver. We all wish him all the very best in his future competitions.

5. Tofiq Juneja

He has recently participated in Amateur Olympia in London and was placed 5th in open category in Men’s Physique. He is another promising international athlete which is being seen as a competition by international bodybuilding athletes. We wish him many more feats like this one!

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