India In Kuwait Classics: IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala’s Training Secrets

Junaid Kaliwala is going to represent India in Kuwait Classics. In the candid conversation with he shared all the details of his preparation.

India In Kuwait Classics: IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala’s Training Secrets

IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala is all set to represent India in Kuwait Classics being held on 26th April 2019 under the renowned federation IFBB Pro League. Junaid shared his all the details of the event in the candid conversation with the team We dug into how he trained and how’s he feeling at the moment when the pressure has just started building up on him being the lone representation from India on the prestigious stage.

It is indeed a cheer moment for all of us. He is hopeful to make an impact in International competition.

He said, “Everyone works hard to win and aims at the top position; I have similar goals with respect to this competition. However, if you ask the real title I am aiming at then it has to be ‘A Good Man’. I want to be a people’s person”.

For the upcoming Kuwait Classic he has been training for the last 8 months.

His basic diet is calories based. One week he takes high calories and low calories in other week. It also depends on the weight and fat percentage.

According to him Middle East athletes have great domination in the maximum number of bodybuilding events so competition will be pretty strong.  

He is taking this upcoming event as a step closer to one of the biggest stage of bodybuilding Mr. Olympia LLC. It can be a great opportunity for him.

He is leaving for Kuwait Classics 10 days before of the event. The upcoming Kuwait Classics is being organised by very famous gym “Oxygen” owned by Mr. Badar Bodai on 26th April. The number of participants is not fixed yet but any Pro from anywhere in the world can turn up for the event.

He is training under Allen Watkins from USA. His coach made a number of changes in his diet and routine. Junaid trained and refined his physique under his able guidance.

“We have definitely got a better and polished package of me so far. I intend to work under his guidance moving ahead. He has encouraged me and motivated me to give my 1000% not 100%. I am glad and grateful to him”, he said.

Junaid's Workout Routine:

He weight-trains four consecutive days and one day off:

  • Day 1-Back and Biceps
  • Day 2-Chest and Abs
  • Day 3-Legs
  • Day 4-Shoulders, Triceps and Calves.
  • Cardio Twice a Day for 7 Days a Week

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