India’s First Transgender Bodybuilder: Aryan Pasha

‘I didn’t know the difference but I was always more comfortable with boys!’ How people’s behavior has changed with Aryan Pasha’s transition from a female to a male.

I am Aryan Pasha 26-years-old from Delhi. I am the first Indian transgender to win a prize at bodybuilding event. I started my transition at the age of 18 and when I turned 19, I underwent sex surgery for a transition from a female to a male.

I completed my graduation from Rizvi Law College, Mumbai. I was a lawyer and I have worked in Human Rights, with an NGO. I quit my job last year because I want to focus on bodybuilding training and for that I spend six hours a day in my training session.

I realized early that I didn’t identify as a girl. I don’t have any memory that I wanted to be a boy because being a child I didn’t know the difference but I always knew that I am a boy. I was more comfortable with my cousins than my sisters.

Before my transition, I competed in the female category where I faced a lot of criticism and struggle. People used to comment on my gender. But now I compete in men’s category.  I came second in the Men’s Physique (short) category of Musclemania India, 2018. 

In the beginning, I felt awkward and weird but as I underwent surgery, I became more confident and comfortable. It not only gave me physical strength but also an emotional benefit. Earlier I had to hide my identity but now I don’t want to hide my identity with anyone because it’s my identity not a taboo.

I decide to live openly and associated with LGBTQ rights organisation to help the other transgender to come up with their voices because being a transgender it’s not a bad thing, we’re also the part of our society.

I joined the gym in 2014 where I get to know about a competition named Trans Fitcon that was held in US, so I started preparing myself for that event but due to some problem I was not able to go there. Then I continued to my training for 4 years and then I competed in the bodybuilding competition in India.

When I joined the gym, it was my hobby but slowly it became my passion and then I decided to compete and then it became a goal. Since my body doesn’t produce male testosterone naturally so my body doesn’t respond quickly to the workout. I have to work hard to build muscles.

I was always a sports and fitness enthusiast; I played several games in school and was a national-level skating champion.

My aim is to introduce a transgender category for bodybuilding competitions in India and I believe that one day there’s a separate category for Trans.

Bodybuilding is not just a career for me; it is my passion and a medium to embrace the LGBTQ community.

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