India's First Female IFBB Pro's Exclusive Interview

To know the soulful secrets of bodybuilding sensation and India’s first female IFBB Pro watch out the full interview!

Deepika Chowdhury’s beauty is beyond measure and beaming with emotions as she shares her lessons of life with Her eyes gave myriad expressions as she shared her life experiences as a bodybuilder and as a person with us. She is India’s first female IFBB Pro but above all she is a person whom if you haven’t met, you have missed something and if you have met her, you have definitely learnt about the soulful secrets of life.

In a candid conversation with she went all the way beyond her professional bodybuilding career. She courageously told truths about her life and has beautifully put her lessons together for us to absorb. There is so much more to learn from such disciplined and determined people who are continuously fighting against all odds to achieve what they dreamt of. They have reached a pinnacle because they are grounded, have not only seen the truths of society and life but have also understood them. They treat people around them as source of energy and inspiration. They do not judge and get jealous, they are constantly trying to improve themselves and grow in all fronts of life.

Deepika has given a very strong message of seeing your struggle as an opportunity to grow more empathetic and compassionate. If all of us could try and imbibe even some degree of virtue of her message, the world will be a much better place, competitions will be a lot healthier, life will be a lot happier and dreams will be a lot more inspiring.  This interview is an eye-opener for all the bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts as this one will train their brain to get stronger for all the challenges ahead in life and competitions ahead to win.

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Deepika Chowdhury

She is a Pune based athlete, she is India’s first female figure IFBB Pro. India’s first female to be invited by Arnold Classic, Australia to represent India. Certifi.. Read More..


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